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Loongson 2K1000 Support Merged For Linux 5.13

Phoronix - 3 hodiny 8 min zpět
Support for the Loongson 2K1000 is finally mainline with the forthcoming Linux 5.13 kernel...

Linux 5.13 Merges Support For Intel DG1 Graphics Platform Monitoring / Telemetry

Phoronix - 5 hodin 50 min zpět
Outside of the i915 kernel graphics driver one of the areas Linux 5.13 is seeing more discrete graphics card bring-up work is within their PMT driver for enabling platform monitoring / telemetry support with this inaugural Intel PCIe graphics card...

PowerPC Pull Brings 32-Bit Improvements For Linux 5.13 - eBPF + KFENCE

Phoronix - 7 hodin 52 min zpět
The PowerPC architecture pull request for the Linux 5.13 cycle brings some improvements to its 32-bit support and other enhancements...

GIMP 2.99.6 Released But Still No Idea When GIMP 3.0 Will Be Ready

Phoronix - 8 hodin 51 min zpět
GIMP 2.99.6 is out today as the latest development release of this popular open-source image manipulation program...

KDE Developers Polish The Desktop Ahead Of Next Month's Plasma 5.22

Phoronix - 9 hodin 10 min zpět
KDE developers remain very active polishing up the KDE desktop and addressing various bugs ahead of next month's Plasma 5.22 feature release...

Wine 6.8 Released With Support For Loading Libraries From Arch-Specific Subdirectories

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 21:55
Wine 6.8 was just released as the newest bi-weekly development snapshot providing the latest support for running the latest Windows games and applications under Linux, macOS, and BSD systems...

Windows 10 Build 21370 vs. Ubuntu 21.04 Linux On AMD Ryzen 5900X

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 18:52
Last month when carrying out tests of Windows 10 vs. Linux on the Intel Core i9 11900K "Rocket Lake" processor we were very surprised to see Windows 10 frankly performing so well compared to Ubuntu and picking up more wins than usual. That unexpectedly strong showing for Windows 10 might be due to Intel's P-State behavior with Rocket Lake or other power management tuning or there the lack of on Linux at this time. But it led me to wondering if the latest Windows 10 updates spelled out anything different on the AMD Ryzen side... So here are some benchmarks of the latest Microsoft Windows 10 against Ubuntu 21.04 on the same AMD Ryzen 9 5900X system.

Intel Posts Nearly 100 Patches For GuC Submission, Works To Integrate DRM Scheduler

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 15:30
Intel's open-source graphics driver developers volleyed an initial set of nearly 100 experimental patches working on GuC submission support as they work towards integrating the DRM scheduler into their graphics driver...

FreeBSD Is Off To A Good 2021 Start With FreeBSD 13.0, PIE By Default, helloSystem

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 14:11
The FreeBSD project published their Q1 status report yesterday that outlines the progress they made over the past quarter on advancing this leading open-source BSD operating system...

Linux 5.13 Yanks A NVIDIA NVLink Driver For Lack Of Open-Source User

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 11:14
The VFIO changes for the Linux 5.13 kernel aren't particularly exciting this cycle but one of the changes does raise some eyebrows with the VFIO NVIDIA NVLink2 driver being removed. This driver is being removed as it shouldn't have been even added in the first place for lack of an open-source client/user exercising it...

7-Zip 21.02 Alpha Released With Sources, More Linux Improvements

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 10:53
Earlier this year with v21.02 Alpha, 7-Zip added initial Linux support upstream at long last. Out this week is now version 21.02 alpha that continues to refine the Linux support while also now punctually publishing the source code too...

Rocky Linux spúšťa verejné testovanie

LinuxEXPRES - 7. Květen 2021 - 4:00

Jednou z ďalších distribúcií, ktorá má byť plne kompatibilnou alternatívou ku CentOS Linuxu, je aj Rocky Linux. Po približne šiestich mesiacoch od oznámenia o založení tohto projektu prichádzajú prvé inštalačné obrazy určené na testovanie.

Linux 5.13 Adds Support For The Amazon Luna Game Controller

Phoronix - 7. Květen 2021 - 1:31
The input subsystem updates were sent in today for the Linux 5.13 kernel and include support for the Amazon (Luna) Game Controller...

Signal prozrazoval uživatelům, co o nich ví Instagram, výsledkem je blokace účtu - 6. Květen 2021 - 23:00
[7 minut čtení] Postavit reklamní kampaň na upozorňování na morální prohřešky toho, u nějž chcete reklamu umístit, je poukázka na blokaci. Signal se přesto rozhodl ukázat, jak na tom Facebook s morálkou je. Multiplatformní komunikační systém Signal asi netřeba představovat. Využívá vlastní otevřený komunikační protokol Signal, který ostatně adaptoval pro své potřeby i Whatsapp a Facebok Messenger či Skype od Microsoftu. Má své výhody, například to, že používá end-to-end šifrování a stojí za ním americká neziskovka, nikoli korporace po IPO mající uživatele za zboží prodávané zadavatelům reklamy a sledující jediné dogma, zisk akcionářů.

LibreOffice Merges Initial Support For Compiling To WebAssembly

Phoronix - 6. Květen 2021 - 18:52
Merged into LibreOffice yesterday is initial support for an EmScripten-based cross-build and compiling to WebAssembly (WASM) for in-browser execution or potentially running on the desktop in a portable manner with the likes of Wasmer...

Red Hat Is Hiring More LLVM Compiler Engineers

Phoronix - 6. Květen 2021 - 17:53
Not only does Red Hat continue investing heavily in GCC and the GNU toolchain but it turns out they are ramping up their LLVM compiler talent as well...

A Number Of Exciting RISC-V Improvements For Linux 5.13

Phoronix - 6. Květen 2021 - 14:07
From bringing up the PolarFire ICICLE SoC to adding support for KProbes, FORTIFY_SOURCE, and other new kernel features for the RISC-V architecture, the Linux 5.13 kernel changes are exciting for this open-source processor ISA...

Qt 6.1 Released With More Modules Ported To Qt6

Phoronix - 6. Květen 2021 - 12:08
Qt 6.1 is out today as the second major feature release to Qt6 following its stable introduction at the end of last year. Ahead of Qt 6.2 being the first planned Long-Term Support release later this year, Qt 6.1 brings more Qt5 modules over and other improvements in making Qt6 more viable...

Turnip Vulkan Driver Continues Maturing, Correctly Rendering More Games

Phoronix - 6. Květen 2021 - 11:40
Turnip is the open-source Mesa Vulkan driver aligned with the Freedreno effort for Qualcomm Adreno support. Turnip has been in fairly good shape but fixes and other improvements keep flowing in as new Vulkan games/apps continue to be tested on this open-source Adreno Vulkan driver...

AMDGPU Driver Gets Initial Fixes For Linux 5.13 - Polaris 12 32-bit, Suspend/Resume Fix

Phoronix - 6. Květen 2021 - 11:09
With the in-development Linux 5.13 kernel there are some notable AMD Radeon driver additions. But with the 5.13 merge window set to close this weekend, an initial batch of post-feature-work fixes was sent in overnight...
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