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The Linux Kernel Now Seeing Patches For AMD SEV-ES "Encrypted State" Support

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 15:25
While since 2016~2017 AMD has been posting Linux kernel patches for Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization, coming out this morning is finally the first public patch series wiring up the Linux kernel for SEV-ES as further enhancing virtualization encryption...

KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS Released After A Lot Of Polishing, New Features

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 13:29
The KDE community has released Plasma 5.18 as the newest version of their desktop and a release that is also a long-term support release, succeeding the aging Plasma 5.12 LTS...

Qt 5.15 Feature Development Is Over For This Last Step Of The Qt5 Series

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 13:21
Just as scheduled, earlier this month the feature freeze went into effect for Qt 5.15 as the last major step for Qt5 before seeing Qt 6.0 hopefully arrive towards the end of the year...

Mozilla Firefox 73 Now Available

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 12:42
Mozilla Firefox 73 is available this morning as the latest update to this open-source cross-platform web browser...

Red Hat's Stratis 2.0.1 Released For This Linux Storage Management Solution

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 9:47
Red Hat's Stratis storage project for offering enterprise storage capabilities on Linux to compete with the likes of ZFS and Btrfs while being built atop LVM and XFS saw the first update to its daemon of 2020...

WebKitGTK 2.28 Seeing Flatpak Sandbox Support, WebGL + WebAudio By Default

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 7:03
Following this weekend's GNOME 3.36 beta, WebKitGTK 2.27.90 is available as a snapshot of this GTK-catered version of the WebKit layout engine on its path towards version 2.28...

Making Use Of Btrfs 3-Copy/4-Copy Support For RAID1 With Linux 5.5+

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 6:09
With the recently released Linux 5.5 and its new features, one of the prominent changes on the storage front was the Btrfs file-system picking up new "RAID1C3" and "RAID1C4" modes for allowing either three or four copies of RAID1 data across more drives to potentially allow up to three of four drives to fail in a RAID1 array while still being able to recover that data for this file-system with its native RAID capabilities...

NVIDIA Format Modifiers Coming To Nouveau In Linux 5.7

Phoronix - 11. Únor 2020 - 1:35
Now that the merge window is over for Linux 5.6, where the Nouveau open-source NVIDIA driver managed GeForce RTX 2000 "Turing" series accelerated support, a new feature addition landed Monday in the Nouveau kernel development tree for the next cycle...

Souborový systém Btrfs: jak pohodlně a efektivně zálohovat - 11. Únor 2020 - 0:00
[6 minut čtení] Nedílnou součástí správy diskového systému je také dobré zálohování. V minulosti se používaly utility jako tar, rsync nebo pokročilejší nástroje jako Bacula. Pokud ale používáte Btrfs, můžete zálohovat lépe. Dříve se zálohovalo nástrojem tar, pak přibyly různé další nástroje. Výborný je např Rsync, jeho nadstavba rdiff-backup nebo se používají nástroje typu klient-server, například Bacula. Nyní se souborovým systémem Btrfs můžete zálohovat jednodušeji a navíc i efektivněji.

Brain Floating Point – nový formát uložení čísel pro strojové učení a chytrá čidla - 11. Únor 2020 - 0:00
[41 minut čtení] Přibližně před dvěma roky se do povědomí programátorů, kteří se zabývají strojovým učením, popř. práci s takzvanými chytrými čidly, dostal nový formát reprezentace numerických hodnot s plovoucí řádovou čárkou. 1. Brain Floating Point – nový formát uložení čísel pro strojové učení i chytrá čidla

Radeon R600 Gallium3D Lands NIR Support In Mesa 20.1

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 22:32
While not yet suitable for gamers or serious end usage, the Radeon "R600" Gallium3D driver that supports the Radeon HD 2000 through HD 6000 (pre-GCN) graphics cards now has an experimental NIR back-end...

MATE 1.24 Released For Letting GNOME 2 Continuation Live On In 2020

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 21:09
For those still fond of the GNOME 2 desktop environment, the MATE Desktop Environment that's been living on as a continuation fork of GNOME2 is out with its version 1.24 update...

Noctua NH-U9S Performance For The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X + Ondemand vs. Performance Governors

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 20:04
For those that may be looking to run an air-cooled AMD Ryzen 9 3950X especially in a rack-mount 4U chassis, here are some recent results I did from some testing using a Noctua NH-U9S with two 92mm fan configuration. Additionally, these results contain performance metrics from both CPUFreq Ondemand vs. Performance governors as an additional point of interest...

Six Features Not In The Mainline Linux 5.6 Kernel

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 17:21
While there are a lot of new end-user features with Linux 5.6, there are also some changes not yet mainlined. Here are six that come to mind as missing out on the Linux 5.6 merge window...

OpenBLAS 0.3.8 Brings More AVX2/AVX512 Kernels, Other Optimizations

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 16:04
For those using OpenBLAS as your BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) implementation, OpenBLAS 0.3.8 was released this weekend and coming with it are more AVX2/AVX-512 kernels and other optimizations...

AMD Launching Navi-Based Radeon Pro W5500 For $399 USD

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 15:47
AMD this morning announced the Radeon Pro W5500 as their latest workstation graphics card designed for modern design and engineering needs...

Vyšla aktualizace Raspbianu 2020-02-05

LinuxEXPRES - 10. Únor 2020 - 13:54

Aktualizace Raspbianu opět přináší spoustu oprav, a také novější verze některých programů.

Address Space Isolation For The Linux Kernel Is Still A Big Challenge In 2020

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 13:29
While there are many new features in the forthcoming Linux 5.6 kernel, the ongoing Address Space Isolation support is not one of them...

Two Weeks Are Left To Apply For An Outreachy Summer 2020 Open-Source Internship

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 13:15
The Outreachy application period opened at the end of January for their summer 2020 internship round while just two weeks remain to get in your applications should you looking to be getting involved with open-source/Linux development...

The OpenCL 2.0 CTS Can Now Run On Gallium3D Clover - But Doesn't Pass The Tests

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2020 - 12:50
Red Hat's Karol Herbst who has spent years now working on Nouveau SPIR-V support and other GPU open-source compute efforts around Mesa has provided a trivial implementation of clCreateCommandQueueWithProperties() that is now enough to begin running the OpenCL 2.0 conformance test suite on the Gallium3D "Clover" state tracker...
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