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GIMP 2.10.10 Released With Minor Features Added & Other Improvements

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 21:50
GIMP 2.10.10 was released today as the first stable release for this open-source image manipulation program since last November when GIMP 2.10.8 released...

KDE Plasma 5.16 & KDE Frameworks 5.57 Development Remains Quite Busy

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 21:15
April is off to a busy start for KDE developers as besides preparing for KDE Applications 19.04, some early work on KDE Applications 19.08 is already underway as is development work for KDE Plasma 5.16 as the next desktop update and the next monthly KDE Frameworks 5.57 collection...

New WireGuard Snapshot Offers FreeBSD Fixes, Other Tweaks

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 13:51
While we remain hopeful about potentially seeing WireGuard in the mainline Linux 5.2 kernel, for those using this secure network tunnel already with the out-of-tree DKMS Linux support (or running WireGuard on another supported operating system), WireGuard "0.0.20190406" is out this weekend as the newest development snapshot...

A Power/Performance Optimization Is On The Way For POWER Linux Users

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 13:41
For those currently using a Raptor Talos II or awaiting the Raptor Blackbird or are running another IBM POWER system like the recently covered cheap POWER servers, there is a CPU Idle patch-set on the way that helps improve the power/performance...

Intel's IWD Linux Wireless Daemon Continues Picking Up New Features

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 13:16
IWD, the Intel open-source wireless daemon for Linux systems that they are positioning to potentially replace WPA Supplicant in the future, is out this week with two new updates...

Unity Is Growing Their LLVM Compiler Team As They Try To Make C# Faster Than C++

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 13:09
With game engines becoming increasingly advanced, Unity Technologies is looking to expand their compiler team with more LLVM expertise...

LVFS Could Be Hosting 10k+ Firmware Files By End Of 2019

Phoronix - 7. Duben 2019 - 5:17
LVFS, the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, that pairs with Fwupd integration for offering firmware/BIOS updates to Linux users could be offering up more than ten thousand distinct firmware files before the end of the calendar year...

Evropská komise versus Valve, Samsung s AV1 [Stalo se] - 6. Duben 2019 - 23:00
[4 minuty čtení] Asus LCD s 0,5ms odezvou, Výběrové kusy Core i9–9900K u Gigabyte, 5nm TSMC, ESA zveřejní fotku černé díry, BBC bude streamovat s Discovery, radikální změna v aktualizacích pro Windows 10. Před dvěma roky začala Evropská komise prošetřovat společnost Valve pro podezření z používání rozličných cen pro různé trhy a využívání geoblokace pro znepřístupnění obsahu v některých regionech. Nyní je k dispozici první výstup, dle kterého komise shledává Valve vinným, stejně jako pět herních vydavatelství: Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media a ZeniMax.

DXVK 1.1 Released With Vulkan Queries Work, Other Improvements

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 19:49
DXVK 1.1 is out this weekend in time for some weekend Linux game testing. This library, which is used for implementing Direct3D 10/11 over Vulkan for the benefit of Windows games running on Linux under Wine/Proton (Steam Play), has new abilities and performance enhancements with today's update...

Maximizing HEVC/VP9/AV1 Video Encoding On Intel Xeon Cascade Lake With SVT + Clear Linux

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 16:30
Continuing on from yesterday's Linux OS comparison/benchmarks on Intel 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable Cascade Lake CPUs, here are some follow-up tests focusing on the video encode performance for this dual Xeon Platinum 8280 server when focusing on Intel's high-performance "Streaming Video Technology" (SVT) encoders for VP9, AV1, and H.265/HEVC...

Improved Spectre/Meltdown Switches Might Finally Come To The Linux Kernel

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 12:29
By the time the next Linux kernel is released it will have been roughly a year and a half since the Spectre and Meltdown CPU speculative execution vulnerabilities went public and the mitigations started appearing within the kernel. Finally now it's being discussed again by upstream developers over improving the switches / tunable knobs for easily configuring these performance-degrading mitigations...

SuperTuxKart 0.10 RC1 Released With Working LAN/Internet Multiplayer

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 12:12
If you are looking for some kid-friendly Linux gaming this weekend, SuperTuxKart 0.10 has reached release candidate maturity with its LAN/Internet multiplayer support...

GNU Gets Gas'ed Up For Intel BFloat16 Support

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 9:04
While Cascade Lake Xeon Scalable processors launched just this week, already with their successor "Cooper Lake" we are looking forward to Intel supporting the BFloat16 floating-point format designed for machine learning workloads. GNU's Gas now has assembler/disassembler support for BF16 instructions...

Wine 4.6 To Support A Shared Wine-Mono, Reducing Disk Space & Other Benefits

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 6:52
Beginning with next week's Wine 4.6 development release, this program for running Windows games/applications on Linux/macOS will now support a shared Wine-Mono installation rather than requiring this open-source .NET implementation to be installed per-prefix. The benefit of this change is reducing the disk space if you keep around multiple Wine prefixes and likely a speedier creation of new prefixes...

LXD 3.12 Released With Cluster Improvements, Better CPU & GPU Reporting

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 5:05
For those making use of Canonical's LXD project for Linux containers, version 3.12 is now available ahead of this month's Ubuntu 19.04 release...

Wayland's Current Release Manager Is Stepping Down, Following Samsung's Open-Source Drama

Phoronix - 6. Duben 2019 - 1:35
Derek Foreman, formerly of Samsung Research (Open-Source Group), who had been serving as the release manager of Wayland and the Weston compositor for the past number of release cycles is stepping down from his role...

Godot 3.2 Picking Up "Pseudo 3D" Support For Its 2D Engine

Phoronix - 5. Duben 2019 - 23:56
With the open-source Godot game engine's 3D engine and 2D display efforts both panning out well, the developers are working to combine the two a bit to offer "pseudo 3D" support for those using the cross-platform engine for 2D games...

Komiks: vaření - 5. Duben 2019 - 23:00
Potrava pro mysl, potrava pro duši, potrava pro tělo. Bez té poslední si neužijete první dvě, tak ať mi nikdo neříká, že není důležitá. A když už je – a je dobrá, tak je vlastně i prvními dvěma.

Mesa 18.3.6 Released To End Out The Series

Phoronix - 5. Duben 2019 - 19:43
If you are still making use of Mesa 18.3 (or older), Mesa 18.3.6 is now available as the last planned update for this quarterly release stream as users should begin considering an upgrade to Mesa 19.0.x if not wanting to ride the 19.1-devel cycle...

Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Running Even Faster With Clear Linux - Six Linux Operating Systems Benchmarked

Phoronix - 5. Duben 2019 - 17:48
Following the initial launch benchmarks earlier this week of the Intel 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable "Cascade Lake" 8280 processors, I proceeded to run some benchmarks of different Linux distributions (operating systems) to ensure the Linux support panned out across the major platforms and while at it also comparing the performance between these different flavors of GNU/Linux. With this powerful Gigabyte Server sporting dual Xeon Platinum 8280 processors for a combined 56 cores / 112 threads, 12 x 32GB DDR4-2933MHz memory, and Samsung NVMe storage, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, Ubuntu 19.04 Beta, Fedora 29, CentOS 7, Debian 9.8, and Clear Linux were tested to look at the performance of the brand new Cascade Lake.
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