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Wave Hello To WEV - Similar To X.Org's Xev For Event Viewing On Wayland

Phoronix - 11. Srpen 2019 - 12:37
WEV is a new Wayland utility developed by Drew DeVault of Wayland notoriety for his work on the Sway i3-inspired compositor and the WLROOTS library...

KDE Picks Up Much Better GTK3 App Integration, Better Wayland Performance

Phoronix - 11. Srpen 2019 - 12:14
It's been an exciting week in the KDE space...

X.Org Server Gains Support For Auto-Binding Secondary GPUs To The Screen

Phoronix - 11. Srpen 2019 - 2:30
Adding to the changes to find with the eventual X.Org Server 1.21 release is a change from Red Hat that has been carried by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora for years...

A Third-Party Installer Allows Clear Linux To Run On Microsoft Windows WSL

Phoronix - 10. Srpen 2019 - 15:34
For more than one year we've been hearing of Clear Linux working on Windows WSL support to allow for this performance-optimized Linux distribution to run within Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux. There isn't an official release yet, but at least now is a third-party installer/script for making it possible to setup such a configuration...

Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Is Now Available For Testing

Phoronix - 10. Srpen 2019 - 15:23
For those with extra time on their hands over the weekend and having a spare Ubuntu Touch supported mobile device, Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 is now available in testing form...

GNU Radio Sees Its First Release In More Than Six Years

Phoronix - 10. Srpen 2019 - 13:03
After being in development for more than six years, GNU Radio 3.8 is now available and is in fact considered a minor release update...

Google Chrome 77 Enters Beta

Phoronix - 10. Srpen 2019 - 12:10
Following the Chrome 76 release from just over one week ago, Google has now issued the beta for the Chrome/Chromium 77 series...

GNOME Shell & Mutter Reach The 3.34 Beta Milestone With Last-Minute Changes

Phoronix - 10. Srpen 2019 - 12:02
Earlier this week was the GNOME 3.34 beta release that also marked the UI/feature/API/ABI freezes for this six month update to the GNOME desktop The GNOME Shell and Mutter are late to the party but on Friday evening saw their 3.33.90 (3.34 beta) releases...

Intel SVT-HEVC 1.4 Brings GStreamer Plug-In, HDR Feature

Phoronix - 10. Srpen 2019 - 0:44
Intel's open-source SVT video encoder team today released a new feature update to their HEVC/H.265 open-source video encoder...

Komiks: krásy přírordy - 9. Srpen 2019 - 23:00
Kdo by neocenil krásu naší drahé matičky Země? Je fajn se na chvíli zastavit, poslouchat ševelení stromů a zurčení potůčku. Zvlášť pro toho, kdo si myslí, že i v digitálním věku má realita tu nejlepší grafiku.

AMD Sends Out Initial Linux Driver Support For "Renoir" APUs

Phoronix - 9. Srpen 2019 - 17:31
AMD is striking well over the past month with their Linux hardware bring-up. In the past month we've seen the Navi 10/12/14 support get in order for Linux as well as support for the future Vega-based Arcturus GPU and now we see the initial enablement patches for their next-generation APUs, Renoir...

GCC vs. LLVM Clang vs. AOCC Compiler Benchmarks On The AMD EPYC 7742

Phoronix - 9. Srpen 2019 - 12:00
While AMD's hardware folks were launching the EPYC 7002 series, their software crew was pushing out the AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler 2.0 with support/optimizations for the Zen 2 micro-architecture. Using the top-end AMD EPYC 7742 in a 2P Linux server configuration, here are C/C++ compiler benchmarks looking at the performance when built by the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), LLVM Clang, and AOCC 2.0.

F2FS Case-Insensitive Support Is Pending Ahead Of The Linux 5.4 Kernel

Phoronix - 9. Srpen 2019 - 11:00
EXT4 set off the new trend for opt-in, per-directory case-insensitive file/folder support on Linux systems. EXT4 picked up that optional case-insensitive support for Linux 5.2 while the for Linux 5.4 kernel cycle the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) is set to receive similar support...

A Modern Supermicro Kabylake Xeon Motherboard Now Supports Coreboot

Phoronix - 9. Srpen 2019 - 10:27
While the tide may be eventually turning, as it stands today for those wanting to run Coreboot on x86 desktop/server hardware you are largely limited to generations-old platforms. But now there is a new option and that is a Coreboot port having been completed to a modern Supermicro motherboard for use with Intel Xeon "Kabylake" processors...

Sway 1.2-RC1 Released For The i3-Inspired Wayland Compositor

Phoronix - 9. Srpen 2019 - 10:03
Drew DeVault is working on buttoning up the Sway 1.2 Wayland compositor release as the newest feature update to this i3 window manager inspired compositor...

Ubuntu's Yaru Desktop Theme Seeing Updates - Big Update Against GTK's Latest Adwaita

Phoronix - 9. Srpen 2019 - 9:53
Canonical's designers have been working to update their Yaru desktop theme ahead of the upcoming Ubuntu 19.10 "Eoan Ermine" release...

LibreOffice 6.3 je rychlejší a lépe pracuje s MS Office - 8. Srpen 2019 - 23:00
[2 minuty čtení] Nová verze kancelářského balíku LibreOffice obsahuje několik novinek, které rozhodně stojí za pozornost každému, kdo pracuje s MS Office. LibreOffice 6.3 je také rychlejší a jeho rozhraní přehlednější. Mezi novinkami najdeme vylepšené úsporné rozhraní pro notebooky či netbooky (Tabbed Compact). To zažilo svoji premiéru v předchozím vydání LibreOffice 6.2. Toto rozhraní je nyní k dispozici ve Writeru, Calcu, Impressu i Drawu. Také autoři připravili další nové rozhraní Contextual Single UI, které lze používat ve Writeru a Drawu. A v neposlední řadě pak také obecně hovoří o rychlejším chodu, ať již při otevírání náročnějších souborů, nebo při exportu. Na platformě Windows je pak konečně k dispozici dobře fungující konzole s lepším reportováním chybových kódů i výstupu, což obecně usnadňuje dávkové operace.

Proton 4.11-2 Pulls In Newest DXVK While Fixing High Refresh Rates For Older Games

Phoronix - 8. Srpen 2019 - 21:12
Following the big Proton 4.11 update for Valve's Steam Play that just arrived over one week ago, a second update to this Wine-derived software is now available for enhancing the Windows games on Linux experience...

Summing Up The AMD EPYC 7742 2P Performance In One Graphic

Phoronix - 8. Srpen 2019 - 17:00
If you didn't have a chance since last night to check out our benchmarks of the AMD EPYC 7742 and EPYC 7502 Linux performance, I certainly encourage you to do so. Even if you aren't a server enthusiast, it's incredible to see the engineering achievement of AMD with Zen 2 and how the race is certainly back on in the CPU space. If you are short on time, here's the quick summary of our initial AMD EPYC 7002 benchmark results...

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Released - Switches To Using 19.04's Linux 5.0 HWE

Phoronix - 8. Srpen 2019 - 15:14
Canonical has announced the immediate availability of Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS as the newest update to this long-term support series...
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