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PHP Jet: formuláře - 23. Leden 2023 - 0:00
V dnešním příspěvku si ukážeme, jak je v PHP Jet řešena práce s formuláři. Když tvoříme aplikace, jako jsou různé administrace, informační systémy, ale i REST (či jiné) API, jsou formuláře středobodem aplikace.

Firefox 109 vs. Chrome 109 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux + Core i9 13900K

Phoronix - 22. Leden 2023 - 18:25
It's been a while since last having a fresh look at the Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome performance on the Linux desktop, but with a slow Linux/open-source news weekend, here are some fresh numbers with their latest browser releases...

Linux Support For Sapphire Rapids' User Interrupts Still Awaiting Mainline

Phoronix - 22. Leden 2023 - 18:06
A new feature with Intel 4th Gen Xeon Scalable "Sapphire Rapids" that hasn't been talked about too much is the new User Interrupts (UNITR) functionality. The Linux kernel support for it still also hasn't been merged but has shown promising results in patch form...

AMD Zen 4 SMBA & BMEC Features Still Working Their Way To The Linux Kernel

Phoronix - 22. Leden 2023 - 12:25
Two quality of service features new with the Zen 4 processors are still seeing their software support squared away ahead of mainlining in the Linux kernel...

Linux 6.2-rc5 Released - The Kernel Will Most Likely Be Extended Through 6.2-rc8

Phoronix - 22. Leden 2023 - 1:55
Linus Torvalds just released Linux 6.2-rc5 a day early compared to his usual Sunday ritual as a result of traveling. Due to an uptick in activity this week and the downtime around Christmas / end-of-year holidays, Torvalds is planning on this cycle spanning through Linux 6.2-rc8 before going gold...

KDE chystá Plasmu 5.27, revoluční ventilátory Frore Systems AirJet - 22. Leden 2023 - 0:00
Novinky v KDE: nejen beta Plasmy 5.27, Wine 8.0-rc5 opravuje 9 chyb, vylepšený GPU ovladač pro 12 let starý Intel Sandy Bridge, Microsoft „Dzn“ kód v Mesa plní specifikaci Vulkan 1.0 z více než 99,75%.

helloSystem 0.8 Released As macOS Inspired FreeBSD Desktop OS

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 22:50
Following the demise of PC-BSD/TrueOS, the most compelling BSD-based desktop operating system with a pleasant out-of-the-box user experience is helloSystem. The helloSystem OS has been aiming to be the macOS of the BSDs and for the past few years has been building a macOS-inspired desktop atop FreeBSD. Out today is helloSystem 0.8 as their newest version built atop FreeBSD 13.1...

AMDGPU Linux 6.3 Addition To Help With Optimized Buffer Placement

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 18:00
On Friday AMD sent out another round of feature patches for new kernel graphics driver material they have readied in advance of the Linux 6.3 kernel cycle...

NVIDIA Contributes linux_dmabuf v4 Feedback Support To XWayland

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 15:00
NVIDIA engineer Austin Shafer has contributed linux_dmabuf v4 feedback protocol support for upstream XWayland. This is working towards allowing scan-out modifiers that a compositor advertises to be delivered to X11 applications under (X)Wayland...

IBM Looks To Squeeze Support For Future Power "Dense Math" CPUs Into GCC 13

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 12:41
Back in November IBM engineers sent out compiler patches for "future" CPUs and notably added new dense math instructions. At the time they noted the new target "may or may not be present" in future IBM Power processors but now they are hoping to get these "future" patches squeeze into the GCC 13 compiler...

DualShock 4 Controller Support Being Dropped From HID-Sony In Favor Of New Driver

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 12:17
With the Linux 6.2 kernel Sony DualShock 4 controller support was added to the "hid-playstation" driver as the newer open-source driver maintained by Sony and started out originally in supporting the PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers. The DualShock 4 controller was long supported by the "hid-sony" driver while now in the Linux 6.3 kernel that support will be removed...

More Improvements Come To KDE Plasma Wayland, KF6 Development Enters Next Phase

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 12:05
KDE developers have had a busy start to 2023 with preparing Plasma 5.27 for release as the final feature version in the Plasma 5 series. Work on Plasma 6.0 and KDE Frameworks 6 continues heating up...

OpenZFS 2.1.8 Released With Linux 6.1~6.2 Compatibility Updates, Bug Fixes

Phoronix - 21. Leden 2023 - 0:24
While the much anticipated OpenZFS 3.0 hasn't yet materialized as it was originally hoped for in 2022, OpenZFS 2.x continues on maturing nicely with fixes and other updates to this open-source ZFS file-system implementation currently supported on FreeBSD and Linux systems...

Wine 8.0-rc5 Released With Just Nine Bugs Fixed

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 19:45
Work on Wine 8.0 is winding down and it looks like the stable release could be out next week or otherwise very soon...

RADV Receives Patches To Help With Less Stuttering For Zink

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 15:00
Mesa's Radeon Vulkan driver "RADV" has added support for dynamic blend equations to help with the Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan implementation and ideally lead to less stuttering...

Linux Takes Another Shot At Fixing Visual Glitches & GPU Hangs For Intel Sandy Bridge

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 13:30
Intel Sandy Bridge processors launched 12 years ago this month and if you still are relying on these 32nm CPUs, it's really time to consider an upgrade for not only the performance but also security and power efficiency reasons. But if you are content with still churning away on a Sandy Bridge desktop under Linux, picked up for upstream and marked for back-porting is another attempt at dealing with visual glitches and GPU hangs that have been affecting some users with the integrated graphics...

Intel Optimization Around Batched TLB Flushing For Folios Looks Great

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 13:20
A patch worked on by an Intel engineer for batched TLB flushing for page migration with folios is showing some promising results and currently working its way to the mainline kernel...

Microsoft's "Dzn" Mesa Code Achieving 99.75%+ Vulkan 1.0 Conformance

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 12:46
Microsoft's Dozen "Dzn" code within Mesa is a Vulkan implementation built atop Direct3D 12 for enjoying this modern industry-standard graphics/compute API atop Microsoft's D3D12 API, should the system lack an underlying native Vulkan driver or in cases like using Windows Subsystem for Linux. Dozen is now above 99% for its conformance pass rate for Vulkan 1.0 and more of Vulkan 1.1 is now being worked on by Microsoft's engineers that contribute the open-source code to Mesa...

Updated Intel oneAPI Level Zero Loader Brings Support For The L0 v1.5 Spec

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 12:23
Released on Thursday was the oneAPI Level Zero Loader v1.9.4 as the newest open-source software release from the company...

Mold 1.10 Released With Few New Features For This High Speed Linker

Phoronix - 20. Leden 2023 - 12:05
Mold 1.10 was released today by lead developer Rui Ueyama as the newest version of this high speed linker that has been outperforming GNU Gold and LLVM LLD...
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