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PipeWire 0.3.65 Adds New Combine-Stream Module, Bluetooth MIDI

Phoronix - 26. Leden 2023 - 12:08
PipeWire 0.3.65 is out today as the newest feature update to this novel server for managing audio/video streams on Linux...

FreeBSD Ends 2022 Short Of Fundraising Goal But Continues Driving New Features

Phoronix - 26. Leden 2023 - 11:54
FreeBSD has published its 2022'Q4 quarterly status report that outlines all of the progress made by this open-source BSD operating system project...

Intel oneVPL GPU Runtime 22.6.5 Brings AV1 & VP9 Encode Improvements

Phoronix - 26. Leden 2023 - 6:00
Following the recent release of the Intel Media Driver 2022Q4, Intel's oneVPL GPU runtime has been updated for its quarterly feature release that builds atop the Media Driver / VA-API stack and is about oneAPI integration for the video processing layer...

Softwarová sklizeň (26. 1. 2023): emulátor na hry pro konzoli Game Boy - 26. Leden 2023 - 0:00
Dnes si představíme nástroj na anotaci dokumentů, budeme sledovat kubernetes zdroje, využijeme aplikaci pro P2P sdílení souborů a nakonec si představíme emulátor pro spouštění konzolových her pro Game Boy.

Knihovna Polars: výkonnější alternativa ke knihovně Pandas (líné vyhodnocování operací) - 26. Leden 2023 - 0:00
Mezi zajímavé vlastnosti knihovny Polars patří schopnost pracovat s daty, jejichž objem je větší než volná kapacita operační paměti. Protože se jedná o velmi důležitou vlastnost, budeme se touto technikou zabývat dnes.

AMD Working To Upstream New AMDGPU/AMDKFD Compute Debugger API

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 22:30
AMD sent out a set of 32 kernel patches today for their AMDKFD/AMDGPU kernel driver code in providing upstream support for debugging of their GPU compute instruction set architecture (ISA)...

Arm Helping With AArch64 Rust Linux Kernel Enablement

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 20:30
Much of the Rust programming language support/infrastructure for the Linux kernel thus far has been with an x86_64 focus while obviously AArch64 is an important target as well. It's nice to see Arm Limited engineers working on the Rust Linux kernel support for AArch64/ARM64...

The Performance Impact From Different Arch Linux Kernel Flavors

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 18:00
Arch Linux has five different officially supported kernel builds: stable, hardened, long-term. real-time, and Zen, but which of these is the fastest for desktop Arch Linux users? Here are some fresh benchmarks looking at the performance out of these different kernel build options for Arch Linux and its derivatives.

Wine 8.0 vydané s dokončenou konverziou modulov

LinuxEXPRES - 25. Leden 2023 - 17:10

Nová verzia nástroja Wine 8.0 je zhrnutím jedného roku vývoja a zároveň úspešným záverom dlhoročnej práce na konverzii modulov do formátu PE. Vďaka veľkému balíku noviniek by mala byť výrazne zlepšená funkčnosť aplikácií a hier.

Google Engineer Introduces "Light AVX" Support Within LLVM

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 15:00
Google engineer Ilya Tocar has introduced the notion of "light" AVX support within the LLVM compiler infrastructure for utilizing some benefits of Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) but trying to avoid the power/frequency impact that AVX-512 use has on older generations of Intel processors...

AMD Publishes New Firmware Binaries For Upcoming Hardware

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 14:52
Hitting the linux-firmware.git tree this morning were new AMDGPU firmware files for IP blocks found on upcoming hardware. It's likely these new firmware files are for the forthcoming Ryzen 7040 series mobile processors with RDNA3 graphics...

Intel Meteor Lake VPU Accelerator Support Ready For Linux 6.3

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 12:30
Among the numerous exciting aspects of Intel's next-generation Meteor Lake client processors is the introduction of the Versatile Processing Unit (VPU) inference accelerator for Computer Vision (CV) and Deep Learning (DL) workloads...

Microsoft's Dzn Mesa Driver Now Exposes Vulkan 1.1

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 12:08
After Microsoft engineers got Vulkan 1.0 conformance tests to nearly 100% for their Dozen "Dzn" Mesa driver, they have now enabled Vulkan 1.1 support as their next step for this Vulkan-atop-Direct3D 12 open-source implementation...

LLVM 16.0 Feature Development Ends - Aiming For Early March Compiler Release

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 11:55
LLVM 16 feature development is now officially over with the code having been branched, LLVM 17.0 development now happening with the mainline code, and LLVM 16.0 stable hoping to officially release in early March...

Stratis Storage 3.5 Released With Encrypted Cache Support

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 9:00
Red Hat continues investing in Stratis Storage as their modern Linux storage solution built atop XFS and LVM with intentions of providing ZFS and Btrfs like functionality but atop a mature and proven base. Released on Tuesday was Stratis 3.5 as the latest version of their Rust-written daemon...

Mesa 23.0 Graphics Drivers Aim For Release Next Week

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 6:00
Barring any release-blocking issues from coming up in the next week, Mesa 23.0 aims for its official release while 23.0-rc3 is now available for last minute testing...

systemd 253 RC1 Released With New "ukify" Tool

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 0:34
Systemd developers today released their first release candidate of the upcoming systemd 253 feature release, which introduces a new "ukify" tool and has many other changes for this dominant Linux init system...

Tuxedo InfinityBook 16 gen7: výkon v šestnácti palcích - 25. Leden 2023 - 0:00
V létě minulého roku jsme měli možnost otestovat byznysový notebook Tuxedo InfinityBook 14. Nyní do redakce dorazil jeho 16" souputník s označením „Max Performance Edition“. Jak vypadá nekompromisní výkon v kompaktním těle?

AMD 4th Gen EPYC "Genoa" To Enjoy Slightly Better Performance With Linux 6.3

Phoronix - 25. Leden 2023 - 0:00
Expected to be squared away in time for the Linux 6.3 kernel cycle, which is kicking off in February, is Automatic IBRS as a new feature of Zen 4 processors. The patches already have been queued up into TIP's x86/cpu branch so barring any issues will be all wired up for this next kernel version. Automatic IBRS can provide better performance than the Retpolines implementation used currently on Zen 4 and prior CPUs as part of the Spectre V2 mitigations. With the switch over to Automatic IBRS for Zen 4, it means better performance in some areas as shown by these benchmarks today with AMD 4th Gen EPYC "Genoa" processors.

FSF Updates By-Laws - Tighter Approval Process For New/Updated Licenses

Phoronix - 24. Leden 2023 - 22:50
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) Board of Directors has adopted updated by-laws that go into place next month with an aim of further protecting copyleft licensing...
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