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Tvorba sešitů ve formátu XLSX v Pythonu: knihovna XlsxWriter - 16. Listopad 2021 - 0:00
Dnes si ukážeme použití knihovny XlsxWriter určené pro programovací jazyk Python. Tu lze použít pro vytváření sešitů ve formátu Office Open XML Workbook (XLSX). Podporována je ovšem i práce se styly a dalšími objekty vkládanými do sešitů.

Fedora Drafts Plans For Retiring ARMv7 Support

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 21:16
It's crazy to think it has already been ten years since Arm disclosed ARMv8 with 64-bit support. Given the success of ARMv8 (and Armv9 now on the way) and there not being much in the way of useful ARMv7 hardware in recent years and the like, Fedora has drafted plans for retiring its ARMv7 support...

LWJGL 3.3 Released For This Popular Java Library - OpenCL 3.0 Added, New Bindings

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 20:30
The Lightweight Java Game Library "LWJGL" has seen its first release in more than two years for this library that provides bindings for a number of different native APIs. With not seeing a release since before the pandemic, there is a lot in store with today's LWJGL 3.3 release...

AMD Releases Updated Zen 3 CPU Microcode (November 2021)

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 20:09
A new Family 19h microcode binary was merged today into the linux-firmware.git repository that serves as the central source for all of the binary firmware/microcode files for Linux systems...

Git 2.34 Released With Sparse-Enabled Index Feature, More Performance Work

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 19:57
Git 2.34 is out today as the newest feature update to this widely-used, distributed version control system...

Linux 5.16 Features Include FUTEX2, Intel AMX, Folios, DG2/Alchemist, More Apple Silicon Support

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 15:10
Now that the Linux 5.16 merge window has ended with yesterday's Linux 5.16-rc1 release, here is my lengthy original overview of what I find most interesting out of this new kernel version. Linux 5.16 won't be out as stable until around the end of the calendar year or early next year, but it will sure make one nice Christmas gift with all of the shiny new features in tow.

Blender 3.0 Will Have AMD HIP-Based GPU Acceleration

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 15:00
With the big Blender 3.0 release due out near year's end there was the Cycles X rewrite that landed and unfortunately removed OpenCL support in the process. While that left AMD Radeon graphics without Blender GPU-accelerated support, in time for the v3.0 release there is now AMD HIP support in place...

Google Releases Chrome 96 With Back-Forward Cache Enabled For The Desktop

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 14:33
Google has released Chrome 96 a day early as the latest routine update to their cross-platform web browser...

Intel's Linux Graphics Driver To Allow Runtime Power Management Auto-Suspend By Default

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 11:55
Following a lot of improvements the past few years to the Intel Linux kernel graphics "i915" driver it looks like it's ready to enable run-time power management auto-suspend support by default...

Vulkan Video Support Progressing For Open-Source Intel, AMD Radeon Hardware

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 11:28
The open-source Vulkan driver support for the video decode (and presumably after that, encode) extensions continues moving along for the Radeon "RADV" and Intel "ANV" Mesa drivers...

GCC Patches Pending For RISC-V's Scalar Cryptography Extension

Phoronix - 15. Listopad 2021 - 11:07
Patches were recently sent out that implement support for RISC-V's Scalar Cryptography Extension within the GNU Compiler Collection...

Postřehy z bezpečnosti: návnada na uživatele zjišťuje informace o e-mailu - 15. Listopad 2021 - 8:30
V aktuálním díle Postřehů se podíváme na útoky typu e-mail Bait, na novou úroveň smishingu, na podvody využívající QR kódy a bankomaty s kryptoměnou, na nové zranitelnosti a několik dalších zajímavostí.

SteamOS 3.0 bude pro každého, System76 buduje vlastní desktopové prostředí - 15. Listopad 2021 - 0:00
Společnost Valve oznámila, že SteamOS 3.0 bude k dispozici ke stažení a k instalaci. System76 pracuje na vlastním prostředí pro distribuci Pop!_OS. Virtualizační nástroj od společnosti Canoninacal Multipass podporuje Apple Silicon.

Linux 5.16-rc1 Released With Intel AMX, FUTEX2, Folios & A Lot More

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 23:30
Linus Torvalds has released Linux 5.16-rc1 in moving past the exciting merge window and onto bug fixing for this next version of the Linux kernel...

Linux 5.16's New Cluster Scheduling Is Causing Regression, Further Hurting Alder Lake

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 18:02
Linux 5.16-rc1 is coming out later today and already I'm seeing some fallout in the new kernel's performance... In particular, bad news for Alder Lake that is already seeing the Linux performance trailing Windows 11 seemingly due to the lack of Thread Director integration right now in the kernel and any other missing optimizations around Intel's hybrid architecture. A new feature of Linux 5.16 is unfortunately having unintended regressions for Alder Lake with at least the flagship Core i9 12900K. Here are the results from the latest kernel bisecting that uncovered this latest upstream slowdown.

Tensor LLVM Extensions Proposed For Targeting AI Accelerators, Emerging Hardware

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 12:29
Intel, Amazon AWS, IBM, Qualcomm, and UIUC researchers have been collaborating over a proposed "Tensor LLVM Extensions" (TLX) to make this open-source compiler infrastructure more suitable for targeting AI accelerators and other emerging classes of hardware...

"MGLRU" Code Updated For More Performant Linux Page Reclamation

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 11:55
While not coming as part of the new 5.16 cycle, one of the exciting patch series to come about this year has been Google's work on the Multigenerational LRU (MGLRU) Framework for improving performance around the kernel's page reclaim handling...

QEMU 6.2 On The Way With SGX For VMs, Apple Silicon, More RISC-V

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 11:35
This week marked the release of QEMU 6.2-rc0 as the first test candidate for this upcoming update that plays an important role in the open-source Linux virtualization stack...

Mesa's Turnip Driver For Qualcomm Adreno GPUs Now Exposes Vulkan 1.2

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 11:18
Mesa's open-source "Turnip" driver that provides Vulkan support for Qualcomm Adreno graphics hardware and complementary to the Freedreno Gallium3D driver can now handle Vulkan 1.2...

Modernized Zstd Merged Into Linux 5.16 For Much Greater Performance

Phoronix - 14. Listopad 2021 - 2:16
While Zstd is used in various areas of the Linux kernel for data compression from transparent file-system compression with the likes of Btrfs to allowing kernel modules be compressed with this Zstandard algorithm, the in-kernel code had fallen years outdated. Finally with Linux 5.16 that Zstd in-kernel implementation is now being brought up to modern standards and delivering better performance too...
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