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Intel's IWD 1.20 Released

Phoronix - 22. Listopad 2021 - 11:21
IWD as the Intel-developed iNet Wireless Daemon that can serve as a replacement to the likes of WPA_Supplicant while integrating nicely with NetworkManager / systemd-networkd / ConnMan is out with a new version...

EROFS-Utils 1.4 Adds Experimental FSCK, MicroLZMA Compression

Phoronix - 22. Listopad 2021 - 6:00
EROFS-Utils as the collection of open-source user-space utilities for the read-only EROFS file-system is out with a big update...

Novinky vo Wine 6.22 a plány na dokončenie Wine 7.0

LinuxEXPRES - 22. Listopad 2021 - 5:00

Posledná vývojová verzia nástroja Wine opäť predstavila balík zmien, vrátane niekoľkých opráv chýb pre konkrétne herné tituly. Užívatelia si môžu nové Wine 6.22 stiahnuť a vývojári sa zatiaľ postupne posúvajú ku dokončeniu stabilnej verzie Wine 7.0.

Postřehy z bezpečnosti: chraňte si své sušenky - 22. Listopad 2021 - 0:00
Dnešní Postřehy budou (mimo jiné) o sušenkách uložených na nesprávném místě, nebezpečných knihovnách, podvodech užívajících služby Zelle, podezřelém Excel doplňku i nové útočící technice Rowhammer.

Poslední aktualizace pro CentOS, FreeBSD zrychluje bootování - 22. Listopad 2021 - 0:00
Vyšla úplně poslední aktualizace pro CentOS 8. Projekt FreeBSD zapracoval na zrychlení bootování. Tvůrci OpenBSD se rozhodli dostat na svůj operační systém hry. PINE64 nabídne hardwarovou klávesnici pro telefony PinePhone a PinePhone Pro.

Linux 5.16-rc2 Released - "Felt Pretty Normal"

Phoronix - 21. Listopad 2021 - 23:13
Linus Torvalds just issued the second release candidate of Linux 5.16 following the closure of the merge window last Sunday...

New Linux /dev/random RNG Revved For The 43rd Time

Phoronix - 21. Listopad 2021 - 18:27
Going on for more than a half-decade now has been the effort around Linux Random Number Generator as a new /dev/random implementation for Linux. After more than five years, LRNG continues to work towards being mainlined and today marks the 43rd revision to these patches...

Intel Posts Updated "Software Defined Silicon" Driver To Activate Licensed Hardware Features

Phoronix - 21. Listopad 2021 - 14:07
Back in September we were first to report on Intel developing "Software Defined Silicon" support for being able to activate extra licensed hardware features not otherwise exposed. Intel hasn't talked about the controversial feature in terms of product plans but this weekend they posted a new revision of this Intel "SDSi" Linux driver...

New x86/x86_64 KVM Patches Would Help Reduce Excess TLB Flushing

Phoronix - 21. Listopad 2021 - 12:14
A set of more than two dozen patches by Google engineer Sean Christopherson overhauls KVM's x86/x86_64 TDP MMU zapping and flushing code...

LLVM Is Still Working On Relicensing, Needs Help Locating Some Past Contributors

Phoronix - 21. Listopad 2021 - 11:30
For years LLVM has been working on a massive relicensing of its code-base but that effort is still ongoing as they are still trying to track down some past contributors to collect their sign-offs on the change...

Gluster 10 Scalable Network File-System Delivers Greater Performance

Phoronix - 21. Listopad 2021 - 11:10
Gluster 10 was released this past week as the open-source scalable/distributed network file-system led by Red Hat...

Část Německa přechází na Linux, FFmpeg akceleruje přes Vulkan - 21. Listopad 2021 - 0:00
Wine 6.22 s novějším Mono a výhled na Wine 7.0, nové verze Box86/Box64, vyšel Slackware 15.0 RC2v KDE začleňuje pár věcí z GNOME, Mediatek přezentuje čip pro smartphony s 320Mpix foťákem.

More RadeonSI Optimizations Land In Mesa 22.0

Phoronix - 20. Listopad 2021 - 18:09
Well known AMD OpenGL open-source driver developer Marek Olšák managed to land yet more performance optimizations this week into Mesa 22.0...

Wine 7.0 Code Freeze To Begin In Early December

Phoronix - 20. Listopad 2021 - 13:04
As expected when writing about Wine 6.22 yesterday that the annual stable release dance was likely upon us, plans were laid out today for that Wine 7.0 release...

KDE Plasma 5.24 Adds An Overview Effect Inspired By GNOME's Activities Overview

Phoronix - 20. Listopad 2021 - 12:55
Even with the holidays ahead the KDE developers remain very busy improving their desktop software stack for Plasma 5.24 and other forthcoming component releases...

Picolibc 1.7.4 Brings Improved Meson Support, Restructured Math Code

Phoronix - 20. Listopad 2021 - 11:55
Picolibc as the open-source C library optimized for small embedded systems with limited RAM capacities is out with a new update...

Linux Kernel Patches Updated for x86/x86_64 SLS Mitigation

Phoronix - 20. Listopad 2021 - 11:34
With GCC 12 having added a new option to enable Straight Line Speculation "SLS" mitigation for x86/x86_64 CPUs, Linux kernel developers are preparing to enable this new compiler feature for further reducing undesirable speculation exposure...

Wine 6.22 Released With Mono 7.0, Joystick Improvements

Phoronix - 19. Listopad 2021 - 22:53
Wine 6.22 is out as the latest bi-weekly development release of this open-source software for running Windows games and applications on Linux and other platforms like macOS and FreeBSD. Wine 6.22 brings more improvements while the Wine 7.0 stable release is inching closer...

Box86 + Box64 Updated For Running Linux x86/x86_64 Programs On Other Architectures

Phoronix - 19. Listopad 2021 - 22:27
Box86 as the open-source project to run Linux x86 binaries on other CPU architectures like ARM is out with a new feature release along with the accompanying Box64 project for x86_64 treatment. With today's Box86 update is even expanded Vulkan support now good enough for handling DXVK...

Compute PBO Download Support Merged For Mesa 22.0, Xnine Comes For Source Engine Games

Phoronix - 19. Listopad 2021 - 19:39
Following experimental Zink work to improve the NVIDIA driver support as part of the broader Copper initiative that also allows running Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan for Wayland's Weston compositor, another milestone has now been reached...
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