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CloudLinux Announces AlmaLinux As Their 1:1 RHEL Fork, Alternative To CentOS

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 16:19
Following the surprise announcement last month that CentOS 8 will be discontinued at EOY2021 with CentOS Stream to be the new upstream for RHEL, several different organizations and developers have announced their intentions to create new community-oriented, open-source rebuilds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that will be free. One of the promising announcements so far has been from CloudLinux and today they have announced it as AlmaLinux...

GNOME Shell Merges Port Of Extensions App + Portal To GTK4

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 15:56
With GTK4 out and stabilizing well, more GNOME components are working to migrate to this updated toolkit as part of the GNOME 40 development cycle...

Following LTO, Linux Kernel Patches Updated For PGO To Yield Faster Performance

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 15:09
Clang LTO for the Linux kernel to provide link-time optimizations for yielding more performant kernel binaries (plus Clang CFI support) looks like it will land for Linux 5.12. With that compiler optimization feature appearing squared away, Google engineers are also working on Clang PGO support for the Linux kernel to exploit profile guided optimizations for further enhancing the kernel performance...

GCC 11 Is Moving Closer But Still Challenged By Many Regressions

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 13:39
GCC 11 is slated to enter "Stage 4" development at the end of this weekend after which only regression and documentation fixes will be permitted. The first GCC 11 stable release should be out in 2~3 months, but at the moment there is an increasing number of P1 regressions that are of the highest priority...

Flatpak 1.10 Released With More Efficient Repo Format

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 12:19
Flatpak 1.10 is out this morning as the stable release following the Flatpak 1.9 development series for this Linux app sandboxing / distribution technology...

Rav1e 0.4 Released For Faster Rust AV1 Encoding - But Still Is Quite Slow

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 9:52
Rav1e 0.4 was released on Wednesday as the latest version of this Rust-written AV1 video encoder. The rav1e 0.4 release represents a speed-up for the encoder but depending upon the preset level can still be at fractions of a frame per second...

Veřejná správa 01/2021: autentizace/autorizace uživatelů, interoperabilní elektronické recepty, Berlínská deklarace

LinuxEXPRES - 14. Leden 2021 - 8:00

V Dánsku vzniklo otevřené řešení pro autentizaci a autorizaci uživatelů napříč organizacemi. Německo testuje možnost využít otevřenou platformu X-Road pro výměnu elektronických receptů na léčiva. Členské státy EU podepsaly Berlínskou deklaraci o evropské digitální transformaci.

Intel "Compute Walker" Support Lands For Xe HP In Linux Drivers

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 6:00
A new compute code path has been merged into Intel's open-source "ANV" Vulkan and "iris" Gallium3D drivers for the forthcoming Xe HP graphics hardware...

Some Older ARM Platforms Will Be Saved While Others On The Chopping Block For Linux

Phoronix - 14. Leden 2021 - 2:23
Following the very active discussions the past several days over the Linux kernel potentially dropping a number of old CPU targets/architectures, an updated list of planned ARM platforms for removal has been published now that some have been saved thanks to expressed interest...

nftables: příklad konfigurace firewallu a vzorové situace - 14. Leden 2021 - 0:00
[4 minuty čtení] Linuxový firewall iptables je tu s námi téměř dvacet let, ale je postupně nahrazován novým moderním řešením zvaným nftables. Dnes propojíme dříve předvedené znalosti a postavíme si firewall. V předchozích dílech našeho seriálu o nftables jsme probrali hlavní vlastnosti tohoto moderního linuxového firewallu. Už víme, jak vytvářet tabulky, přidávat do nich pravidla a podle nich provádět běžné akce. Dnes si ukážeme, jak to všechno propojit dohromady a vytvořit si konfiguraci pro firewall.

Podrobnější popis vlastností programovacího jazyka R - 14. Leden 2021 - 0:00
[31 minut čtení] Psát užitečné skripty v jazyce R je možné i bez detailní znalosti jeho syntaxe a sémantiky. I proto se k tomuto tématu dostáváme až ve třinácté části seriálu o R. Popíšeme si vlastnosti datových typů i všechny nabízené řídicí konstrukce. 1. Základní operace s balíčky

Debian 11 Freeze Begins, Debian 12 Might Reduce Focus On i386 Support

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 23:14
The Debian 11 "Bullseye" build-essential freeze is now in effect with the release team no longer entertaining transition requests. Meanwhile, architecture support for Debian 12 is in early stages of discussion with a possible reduction in i386 support for that follow-on release...

Systemd 248 To Allow Unlocking Encrypted Volumes Via TPM2 / FIDO2 / PKCS#11 Hardware

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 21:06
For those with TPM2 security chips in your system or various hardware security tokens like YubiKeys, the upcoming systemd 248 will make it much easier to use then for unlocking your encrypted LUKS2 volumes...

Mesa 21.0-rc1 Released To Get The Quarterly Release Process Underway

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 19:35
While normally the feature branching and first release candidate for new Mesa3D quarterly releases doesn't begin until around the end of the first month of a new quarter, this time around with Mesa 21.0 it has begun today -- half-way through the month of January. This should at least ensure Mesa 21.0 stable ships in February rather than March. Mesa 20.3.3 was also released today as the newest stable version for the time being...

Mesa 21.0-devel RADV vs. AMDVLK 2021.Q1.1 Vulkan Driver Performance

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 19:00
For those wondering how the open-source Radeon Vulkan drivers of Mesa's RADV and AMD's official AMDVLK are competing as we start the new year, here are some fresh benchmarks looking at the performance for various Linux games (native and via Steam Play with DXVK) as well as Vulkan compute tests.

Pat Gelsinger Is Going Back To Intel As New CEO

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 15:54
While Bob Swan has been the interim and then permanent CEO for less than three years at Intel, following much speculation heating up in recent weeks, Bob Swan is out and returning to Intel is Pat Gelsinger who will now lead as CEO...

Qualcomm To Acquire High Performance ARM SoC Startup NUVIA

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 15:43
NUVIA, the startup focused on making new high performance ARM CPUs for the data center that has talked up big performance capabilities and big performance-per-Watt advantages, is being acquired by Qualcomm...

Vulkan SDK Now Formally Available For Apple Platforms - Including Apple Silicon Support

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 15:17
The Khronos Group and LunarG have announced an updated Vulkan SDK that includes now formally providing support for Apple platforms, including Apple Silicon systems via Universal Binaries...

Intel Sends In Another Batch Of Graphics Work For Linux 5.12 - More Display Fixes

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 14:58
At the start of the month Intel sent out their initial graphics driver changes targeting Linux 5.12 while now a secondary set of changes have been sent to DRM-Next...

Ubuntu 21.04 Will Finally Stop Making New Home Directories World-Readable

Phoronix - 13. Leden 2021 - 14:01
Ubuntu 21.04 will do away with the existing practice on Ubuntu Linux systems of making new user home directories world-readable...
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