Agregátor zdrojů Transition To New Server Complete

Phoronix - 5. Červenec 2020 - 3:35
If you are seeing this message, you are successfully browsing from its new server...

Linux Kernel Preparing New Guidelines For Using Inclusive Terminology

Phoronix - 5. Červenec 2020 - 2:38
Prominent upstream Linux kernel developers are working on adding "inclusive terminology" guidelines to the Linux kernel coding style requirements...

New readfile() System Call Under Review For Reading Small~Medium Files Faster

Phoronix - 5. Červenec 2020 - 1:40
Back in May we reported on work being done for a readfile() system call to read small files more efficiently. Greg Kroah-Hartman has now volleyed those patches for review on the kernel mailing list for this improvement for reading small to medium file sizes on Linux systems...

Firefox 80 bude podporovat VA-API i pro X11, Fujifilm hovoří o 384TB LTO páskách [Stalo se] - 4. Červenec 2020 - 23:00
[4 minuty čtení] Podpora Intel AMX putuje do LLVM, MS Edge v tichosti importuje data z Firefoxu a Chrome, CIPA: prodeje foťáků meziročně klesly o 73 %, GloFo představila 12LP+, vylepšenou variantu 12nm FinFET procesu. U páskových mechanik a médií rodiny LTO jsme zvyklí, že o budoucích generacích víme hodně dopředu. Také jsme zvyklí, že každá další generace typicky zdvojnásobuje kapacitu a připomeňme též, že u (samozřejmě bezztrátové) komprese je nyní udáván kompresní poměr až 2,5:1.

Wine-Staging 5.12 Comes In Much Lighter With Many Patches Upstreamed

Phoronix - 4. Červenec 2020 - 13:51
Wine-Staging at one point was traditionally 800+ testing/experimental patches on top of the upstream Wine code-base, even as recently as March when it was 850+ patches. Thanks to more work being upstreamed, last month it hit just over 700 patches and now with today's release of Wine-Staging 5.12 it represents a delta of just 665 patches...

KDE Starts July With More Fixes, More QML'ing In The System Settings Area

Phoronix - 4. Červenec 2020 - 11:18
KDE developers remain very active with improving this open-source desktop environment even amid the coronavirus pandemic...

Vulkan 1.2.146 Released With DirectFB Support, Extended Fragment Density Map

Phoronix - 4. Červenec 2020 - 11:04
The Khronos Group is celebrating the US Independence Day with the release of a new Vulkan spec...

Mircade Still Being Worked On As A Confined Mir + Snap Based Launcher

Phoronix - 4. Červenec 2020 - 8:16
Back in early 2017 "Mircade" was introduced as an arcade-style game launcher on Ubuntu powered by Mir. We hadn't heard much of Mircade since 2017 but the effort is still alive for this Mir-based launcher that can trigger various apps to run under Wayland/Mir...

Firefox 80 To Support VA-API Acceleration On X11

Phoronix - 4. Červenec 2020 - 5:00
While recent Firefox releases have seen VA-API video acceleration working when running natively under Wayland, the Firefox 80 release later this summer will bring VA-API support by default to those running on a conventional X.Org Server...

Komiks: rychlostí blesku - 3. Červenec 2020 - 23:00
Někdy je technický dluh levnější neodbavovat, a tak může nastat situace, kdy vytváříte produkt běžící na knihovnách, které jsou starší než vy.

Wine 5.12 Brings WebSocket API Support, Better RawInput Handling

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 20:53
Wine 5.12 is out for the US Holiday weekend testing...

Server Infrastructure Upgrade Weekend - AMD EPYC Rome Across The Board

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 18:30
There may be some brief, intermittent downtime this weekend as all of the Phoronix Media web server infrastructure is being upgraded. This also marks the first time in Phoronix's 16+ year history that the servers are AMD powered, thanks to the incredible success of the EPYC 7002 "Rome" series...

The Annual X.Org / Wayland / Mesa Conference Is Going Virtual Due To COVID-19

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 16:34
XDC 20 was set to take place this September in Poland but is now moving to an online event as a result of the ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic...

XFS / EXT4 / Btrfs / F2FS / NILFS2 Performance On Linux 5.8

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 15:00
Given the reignited discussions this week over Btrfs file-system performance stemming from a proposal to switch Fedora on the desktop to using Btrfs, here are some fresh benchmarks of not only Btrfs but alongside XFS, EXT4, F2FS, and for kicks NILFS2 was also tossed into the mix for these mainline file-system tests off the in-development Linux 5.8 kernel.

Intel Compute Runtime Update Adds OpenCL + oneAPI Level Zero For DG1

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 14:13
Intel's open-source Compute Runtime stack for providing OpenCL and oneAPI Level Zero support for their graphics hardware has now rolled out support for the DG1 Xe discrete graphics card...

Mesa CI Optimization Could Provide Big Bandwidth Savings

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 12:16
You may recall that earlier this year X.Org/ may have to cut CI services for developers over the cloud expenses associated with that continuous integration service for the likes of Mesa, the X.Org Server, and other components. CI usage was leading to a lot of bandwidth consumption so much so that the X.Org Foundation is facing potential ~70k USD cloud costs this year largely from their continuous integration setup...

Raspberry Pi 4's Vulkan Driver Is Now More Usable - Supporting More Features

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 11:51
The "V3DV" Vulkan driver being developed by Igalia under contract with the Raspberry Pi Foundation has offered a status update on this official driver for the Raspberry Pi 4...

L1TF Cache Flushing Mode Could Soon Be Controlled Via Kconfig Build Option

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 9:38
Approaching the two year anniversary next month of the L1TF / Foreshadow vulnerability, a Google engineer has proposed allowing the default mitigation state to be controlled via a Kconfig build-time option...

Ubuntu 20.10 Moving Ahead In Restricting Access To dmesg

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 6:18
Following the discussions last month over restricting access to dmesg / kernel logs on Ubuntu in matching the behavior of other Linux distributions for better security practices, Ubuntu 20.10 indeed is moving forward with these plans where dmesg access would require root privileges...

Intel oneDNN 2.0 Deep Neural Network Library Working On More Performance Tuning

Phoronix - 3. Červenec 2020 - 5:07
Intel's open-source oneDNN library, which was formerly known as MKL-DNN and DNNL for this deep neural network library now living under the oneAPI umbrella, continues working on some big performance advancements for its 2.0 release...
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