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Knihovna Polars: problematika spojování datových rámců - 31. Leden 2023 - 0:00
Před vlastní analýzou či statistickým zpracováním dat s využitím knihovny Polars je v mnoha případech nutné data získat z několika samostatných zdrojů, které je zapotřebí načíst a nějakým způsobem spojit.

Vulkan SDK Updated With Vulkan Video Support

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 19:00
The Khronos Group with LunarG has now published the Vulkan SDK 1.3.239 release that is the first version of the software development kit with the Vulkan Video extensions now present...

X.Org vs. Wayland Linux Gaming Performance For NVIDIA GeForce + AMD Radeon In Early 2023

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 17:30
With recent NVIDIA's proprietary driver updates continuing to refine their Wayland support, the open-source AMDGPU Linux graphics drivers continuing to be enhanced, and work on the GNOME desktop with Mutter compositor continuing to advance, today's benchmarking article is looking at how the GNOME session under X.Org and Wayland for (X)Wayland is performing across various Linux games. It's been a while since I last ran a X.Org vs. (X)Wayland Linux gaming comparison so today's article is a fresh look from Ubuntu 22.10 while moving to the very latest graphics drivers and newest Steam Play Experimental state.

Mesa EGL X11/Wayland Code Receives Optimization For Multi-GPU/PRIME Systems

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 15:30
Code merged last week to Mesa 23.1 by AMD ensures that a linear copy buffer is made on the display/scanout GPU when dealing with EGL contexts under Wayland or X11. This follows an optimization made last year to Mesa's GLX code within X.Org environments for enhancing the PRIME/multi-GPU support...

Linux Will Now Better Handle AMD SEV-SNP To Avoid Undefined Behavior For Old VMs

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 13:09
Merged on Sunday prior to tagging Linux 6.2-rc6 is a late "fix" for the AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP) code to avoid possible situations of undefined behavior with difficult to debug issues where a modern Linux host with SEV-SNP may try booting a Linux virtual machine with an outdated kernel...

Fedora 38 Cleared To Ship With Its Bleeding Edge Compiler Toolchain

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 12:48
Last week the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) signed off on Fedora 38 shipping with its planned bleeding-edge compiler toolchain, most notably including the upcoming GCC 13 compiler...

labwc 0.6.1 Released For Window-Stacking Wayland Compositor

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 12:31
Labwc that has been in development for a few years as a window-stacking Wayland compositor issued its latest release this weekend...

Unvanquished 0.54 Brings More Renderer Improvements, ARM Binaries

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 12:21
Unvanquished 0.54 was released overnight as the latest update across the array of many releases going back a decade for this open-source first person shooter game. With Unvanquished 0.54 there continues to be enhancements to its renderer, the project is now providing ARM binaries on Linux to complement their x86/x86_64 builds, user-interface improvements, and gameplay enhancements...

GIMP 3.0 Aiming To Release In 2023

Phoronix - 30. Leden 2023 - 6:00
The long elusive GIMP 3.0 release that overhauls the UI and ports from GTK2 to GTK3 along with a wealth of other changes after being talked about for a decade could finally see its stable release this year...

Postřehy z bezpečnosti: útoky na Ukrajinu nepolevují ani v kyberprostoru - 30. Leden 2023 - 0:00
V dnešním díle Postřehů se podíváme na nové útoky na ukrajinské systémy, úspěšný zásah policejních orgánů proti ransomwaru Hive, únik dat ze systémů společnosti GoTo i několik kritických zranitelností.

openSUSE vylepšuje podpisy balíčků, OpenSnitch bude v Debianu - 30. Leden 2023 - 0:00
openSUSE přechází na 4096bitový RSA klíč podpisů balíčků RPM. Aplikační firewall OpenSnitch se dočká začlenění do linuxové distribuce Debian. Vydání linuxové distribuce Ubuntu 18.04 se blíží ke konci životnosti.

Linux 6.2-rc6 Released & It's Suspiciously Small

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 23:50
Linus Torvalds just released the sixth weekly RC of Linux 6.2 and it's coming in unusually light...

Budgie 10.7 Released With Big Improvements To This Linux Desktop

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 22:31
Budgie 10.7 is out today as the newest feature release to this open-source desktop environment that was originally developed as part of the Solus Linux distribution...

Cairo Graphics Library Drops OpenGL Support After A Decade Of Inactivity

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 15:00
The Cairo graphics library that provides a vector graphics based API and in turn having a number of different back-ends for software/hardware acceleration, which in turn is used by a variety of different desktop applications, has removed its OpenGL support...

Coreboot 4.19 Released With AMD Mayan Motherboard, MSI Alder Lake Board

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 13:24
Coreboot 4.19 is now available as the latest tagged release for this prominent open-source project allowing various motherboards with their proprietary firmware/BIOS to be replaced by this free software solution...

RADV Graphics Pipeline Library Support Becoming Speedy, Aims For Mesa 23.1 Promotion

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 13:17
The Mesa Radeon Vulkan "RADV" driver's implementation of the graphics pipeline library (VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library) is becoming much faster thanks to fast-linking and various pending fixes. In turn this will get games making use of the extension the ability to ideally have no shader pre-caching while still enjoying no in-game stuttering. Valve's Linux graphics driver developers working on RADV have been working through some issues with the RADV graphics pipeline library and for Mesa 23.1 looks like it could be in good shape...

LibreELEC 11 Beta 1 Released As Linux OS Built Around Kodi 20 - Adds HDR For Intel & AMD

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 12:24
Building off the release of the Kodi 20 HTPC/PVR software that released earlier this month, LibreELEC 11 Beta 1 is now available as a Linux distribution built around Kodi 20...

Valve Fixes RAGE 2 Breaking For Recent Mesa RADV Driver

Phoronix - 29. Leden 2023 - 12:19
For fans of the RAGE 2 first person shooter game as the sequel to id Software's Rage game from nearly a decade ago, the latest Mesa Git code has landed a fix courtesy of Valve's Linux graphics driver developers to correct the rendering...

Microsoft jde po Vulkanu 1.2, KDE ladí Plasmu 5.27 k dokonalosti - 29. Leden 2023 - 0:00
Mesa ovladač Microsoft Dozen a kompatibilita s Vulkan 1.1 a 1.2, nový Vulkan 1.3.240 a DirectX Ray-Tracing, KDE s nahráváním obrazovky ve Spectacle, AMD posílá do jádra další patche pro RDNA3.

MPV Player 0.35.1 Released With Wayland & PipeWire Fixes

Phoronix - 28. Leden 2023 - 18:29
MPV 0.35.1 is out this weekend as the latest update to this open-source media player developed as a fork originally from MPlayer/mplayer2...
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