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Linux 6.5 Adding Support For NCT6799D Sensors Found In Various Newer Motherboards

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 23:56
If your newer desktop motherboard has a NCT6799D Super I/O controller or one of the variants like NCT6799D-S, the Linux 6.5 kernel is set to introduce support for this ASIC in order to expose hardware sensor support under Linux...

Statické typové kontroly zdrojových kódů Pythonu prováděné nástrojem Mypy (2.část) - 19. Červen 2023 - 23:00
Ukážeme si práci s typově bezpečnými slovníky, typovou inferencí, práci s typově bezpečnými funkcemi (Callable) a ve druhé polovině pak převod aplikace bez určení datových typů ke kódu s doplněnými typovými informacemi.

F2FS Preparing To Land Async Buffered Write Support

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 20:16
The Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) is preparing to land async buffered write support into the Linux kernel as another performance win for this flash-optimized file-system...

Red Hat Aiming To Address IBRS Mitigation Still Being Too Costly On Performance

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 16:29
Red Hat engineers are working to deal with Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation (IBRS) being too costly for mitigating Spectre V2 and Retbleed on older Intel Xeon Scalable processors. A new patch has been floated to disable IBRS when idle and is working out well at least for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 while isn't clear yet if it will be accepted into the upstream kernel...

SVT-AV1 1.6 Squeezes Out Even More Performance For CPU-Based AV1 Encoding

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 15:20
SVT-AV1 1.6 is now available as the latest version for this leading CPU-based AV1 encoder that is now enjoying 30~40% faster performance with high quality presets...

Revised Intel Shadow Stack Support May Be Ready For Linux 6.5

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 12:55
Intel engineers had sent in Shadow Stack support for Linux 6.4 as this feature part of Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) but it hit a last-minute snag during the merge window with issues raised by Linus Torvalds. Now it looks like the cleaned-up Shadow Stack code will be re-submitted for the upcoming Linux 6.5 cycle...

GCC Lands AVX-512 Fully-Masked Vectorization

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 11:30
Stemming from looking at the generated x264 video encode binary and some performance inefficiencies, SUSE engineers have worked out AVX-512 fully masked vectorization support for the GCC 14 development code...

Linux 6.5 Upgrading The Rust Toolchain, New Modules Added

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 11:12
While the Linux 6.5 merge window isn't opening for another week, Rust for Linux lead developer Miguel Ojeda has already submitted the pull request of the new Rust kernel code destined for this next kernel cycle...

Open-Source Vulkan Driver Continues To Be Worked On For Old Radeon HD 6000 Series GPUs

Phoronix - 19. Červen 2023 - 10:57
The "Terakan" Vulkan driver continues to be developed as an open-source Vulkan API implementation catering to the aging Radeon HD 6000 series graphics processors...

Postřehy z bezpečnosti: zneužívaná zranitelnost v produktech Fortinet - 18. Červen 2023 - 23:00
V dnešním díle Postřehů se podíváme na aktivní zneužívání zranitelnosti XORtigate, dopady útoku skupiny Cl0p na systémy MOVEit nebo nové nařízení požadující odstranění konfiguračních rozhraní z internetu.

Operační systém /e/OS pro Pixel 5, vyjde openSUSE Leap 15.6 - 18. Červen 2023 - 23:00
Projekt openSUSE oproti původní předpokladům vydá ještě openSUSE Leap 15.6. Vývojáři linuxové distribuce Ubuntu chtějí začlenit rozšíření Tiling Assistant do výchozí instalace GNOME.

Linux 6.4-rc7 Released With The Quiet Cycle Continuing

Phoronix - 18. Červen 2023 - 22:41
Linus Torvalds took time out of his Father's Day to release Linux 6.4-rc7 as the newest weekly test candidate for this kernel that's likely to be officially released next weekend...

RADV Zink Sees Another "Massive" Optimization On The Way

Phoronix - 18. Červen 2023 - 11:55
In going through my recent RADV-Zink vs. RadeonSI OpenGL benchmarks, Valve's Mike Blumenkrantz has already been landing optimizations/fixes and there is another one on the way as a result...

NVK Vulkan Driver Working Toward YCbCr Support This Summer

Phoronix - 18. Červen 2023 - 11:38
NVK as the open-source Mesa Vulkan driver being developed for NVIDIA graphics hardware will hopefully see YCbCr format support this summer...

FreeBSD Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary

Phoronix - 18. Červen 2023 - 11:26
This month the FreeBSD project is celebrating its 30th anniversary since this open-source BSD operating system project was established...

KDE Plasma 6 Has Reached The Point Of Being "Fairly Livable"

Phoronix - 18. Červen 2023 - 11:11
Following yesterday's KDE weekly development summary, prominent KDE developer Nate Graham has published an update on the current state of affairs for KDE Plasma 6 along with when we may potentially see Plasma 6.0 actually released...

Squarespace a Google se dohodly, Firefox dostane PipeWire webcam - 17. Červen 2023 - 23:00
Hi-end GPU na Ubuntu 23.04 s Waylandem vs X.Org, KDE nejen o Plasmě 6, Squarespace a doménový byznys Googlu, Lisa Su o AMD ROCm, experimentální podpora webkamerky přes PipeWire míří do Firefoxu 116.

Lisa Su Reaffirms Commitment To Improving AMD ROCm Support, Engaging The Community

Phoronix - 17. Červen 2023 - 14:30
AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su has reaffirmed the company's commitment to the open-source ROCm compute stack and working with the community and ultimately improving their software support...

CentOS Stream 10 Starting To Get Underway, More Activity In 2024

Phoronix - 17. Červen 2023 - 12:39
Some Fedora Enterprise Linux Next (ELN) plans were shared on Friday with the process of launching CentOS Stream 10 getting underway that will ultimately form the basis of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 10...

Linux 6.4 Lands Fix For Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Use-After-Free Issue

Phoronix - 17. Červen 2023 - 12:14
As a follow-up to yesterday's article about the believed fix for the Nouveau use-after-free bug plaguing Linux 6.3 users of this open-source NVIDIA driver, the fix has now been merged to Linux 6.4 Git and in turn should also be picked up for an upcoming Linux 6.3 point release...
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