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Patches Posted For Preparing New Linux "Accel" Subsystem - Builds Off DRM Code

Phoronix - 23. Říjen 2022 - 10:43
There has long been a debate over an "accelerator" subsystem for the Linux kernel given the increasing number of AI/accelerator devices coming to market. Currently there are accelerator drivers living within the catch-all "char/misc" area of the kernel while some driver efforts have been focused on Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) subsystem integration given the commonality with GPUs and some of the core infrastructure and APIs being relevant for both GPUs and these dedicated accelerator ASICs. There finally seems to be some agreement over the future of the accelerator subsystem and some initial patches were mailed out this weekend...

Intel In-Field Scan (IFS) Driver Improved - Will Remove Its "Broken" Tag

Phoronix - 23. Říjen 2022 - 10:12
A new Linux driver introduced by Intel earlier this year was the In-Field Scan for making use of new silicon failure testing functionality with upcoming Intel server CPUs. The IFS driver and associated hardware capability is for detecting potential problems not caught by parity or ECC checks on systems in production. In-Field Scan was merged in Linux 5.19 but then shortly thereafter the driver was marked "broken" due to some driver design issues coming to light. New patches for IFS have been posted to improve the driver's design and remove that "broken" tag...

The Linux Kernel May Finally Phase Out Intel i486 CPU Support

Phoronix - 23. Říjen 2022 - 10:03
Linus Torvalds has backed the idea of possibly removing Intel 486 (i486) processor support from the Linux kernel...

Buffer Overflow v implementaci SHA-3, GCC 13 s optimalizacemi pro AMD Zen 4 - 22. Říjen 2022 - 23:00
Novinky v KDE po Plasmě 5.26, Buffer Overflow v referenční implementaci SHA-3, portování Coreboot/Dasharo na MSI PRO Z690-A DDR5 zahájeno, znver4 v GCC 13, soutěž o výchozí wallpaper pro Xfce 4.18.

Mesa Lands DMA-BUF Feedback Support For Vulkan On Wayland

Phoronix - 22. Říjen 2022 - 14:00
After being worked on the past year, Mesa 22.3 has landed support for Wayland's DMA-BUF Feedback extension for use by the Mesa Vulkan drivers with the Vulkan windowing system integration (WSI) code...

LLVM Clang Begins Picking Up AMX-FP16 Support For Granite Rapids

Phoronix - 22. Říjen 2022 - 13:44
In addition to GCC landing patches this week in preparing for Grand Ridge and Sierra Forest, the LLVM/Clang open-source compiler stack has also been seeing patches to prepare for future Intel server processors...

Intel Releases DAOS 2.2 Distributed File-System

Phoronix - 22. Říjen 2022 - 10:45
Intel earlier this year more formally announced DAOS as its distributed parallel file-system designed for NVMe storage and aims to be more efficient than other parallel file-systems. Yesterday marked the release of DAOS 2.2 as the newest step forward for Distributed Application Object Storage...

FreeBSD 12.4-BETA1 Released, Q3-2022 Status Report Issued

Phoronix - 22. Říjen 2022 - 10:33
FreeBSD had a busy Friday with releasing their first beta of the upcoming FreeBSD 12.4 as well as publishing their third quarter development summary...

KDE Starts More Feature Work On Plasma 5.27, Fixes For Plasma 5.26

Phoronix - 22. Říjen 2022 - 10:19
Last week saw the release of Plasma 5.26 while this week KDE developers moved on to more feature work for Plasma 5.27 while also addressing some fall-out and fixes for Plasma 5.26...

Intel Spins Up Revised GNA Driver For AI Neural Co-Processor

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 18:30
While Intel with the rest of the tech industry continue investing immense resources in areas around AI and talking it up, one of the efforts that has been slow to materialize on the Linux side has been for enabling their Gaussian and Neural Accelerator (GNA) with the mainline Linux kernel. This week the latest Intel GNA driver patches were posted for this neural co-processor...

Mesa Git Makes It Easier Activating Rusticl OpenCL Device Support

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 15:30
The very promising Rusticl Rust-based OpenCL implementation within Mesa has landed a set of patches today that make it easier to enable the OpenCL compute device support with the various Gallium3D drivers...

Vydanie Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu

LinuxEXPRES - 21. Říjen 2022 - 14:00

Najnovšia verzia populárnej linuxovej distribúcie Ubuntu 22.10 ponúka svojim užívateľom dôležité aktualizácie softvéru, desktopové prostredie GNOME 43 alebo jadro Linux 5.19. Aktualizáciami sa ale zoznam noviniek nekončí.

Linux TUN Network Driver May See A "1000x Speedup" With New, One-Line Patch

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 13:30
Linux's universal TUN driver that provides packet reception and transmission for user-space programs may soon see a 1000x speed-up with a proposed patch sent out today for this network driver...

AMDVLK 2022.Q4.1 Brings More Vulkan Performance Tuning

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 13:13
AMD today published their latest open-source Radeon Vulkan Linux driver update, AMDVLK 2022.Q4.1, as their first source update in three weeks...

Initial AMD Zen 4 "znver4" Support Merged Into GCC 13

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 11:09
Last Thursday AMD finally sent out the basic enablement patch for AMD Zen 4 "znver4" with the GCC compiler. Once again it was tardy with Ryzen 7000 series processors already shipping and sadly the cost tables (tuning) is still catering to Zen 3 rather than updated for Zen 4. While as of today this -march=znver4 support has been merged into GCC 13...

Stratis Storage 3.3 Released - Easily Make Use Of Expanded RAID Arrays

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 10:54
Red Hat's storage team responsible for the Stratis solution has released a new feature update...

Microsoft Adds Mesa Support For Building Against The DirectX 12 Agility SDK

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 10:35
Windows users are increasingly making use of Mesa with Microsoft investing in supporting a number of different open, industry standard APIs and then layering them atop the underlying Direct3D 12 driver for the likes of WSL2 usage. OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, and VA-API video acceleration have been the primary targets for Microsoft engineers working on Mesa with the Windows Subsystem for Linux in mind while also posing other possible use-cases where the host may lack native drivers for those APIs. For bettering Mesa on Windows, Microsoft has now added support for compiling against the DirectX 12 Agility SDK...

Linux Getting Rumble Support For Latest Microsoft Xbox Controllers

Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 10:25
Thanks to a Google engineer in communication with Microsoft engineers, the "hid-microsoft" upstream Linux driver is seeing work to support the rumble mode on newer Xbox controllers...


Phoronix - 21. Říjen 2022 - 10:15
As part of Intel's work starting to enable the compiler support for their Sierra Forest CPUs, AVX-VNNI-INT8 and AVX-IFMA support has been merged into the GCC 13 compiler for supporting these instructions being first introduced with Intel's Sierra Forest and Grand Ridge...

Nové stolní NASy od QNAP s dlouhodobou podporou

LinuxEXPRES - 21. Říjen 2022 - 8:32

Společnost QNAP představila dva nové stolní modely NAS zařízení. Jde o model TS-253E se dvěma diskový­mi pozicemi a TS-453E se čtyřmi diskovými pozicemi.

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