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Mesa's Rusticl OpenCL Implementation Can Outperform Radeon's ROCm Compute Stack

Phoronix - 19. Říjen 2022 - 10:30
Mesa's Rusticl driver as a modern Rust-based OpenCL implementation for open-source Gallium3D drivers has shown it's capable of outperforming AMD's open-source ROCm compute stack for at least some GPUs and workloads...

Mold 1.6 High Speed Linker Adds PPC64 and s390x, Smaller Output Files

Phoronix - 19. Říjen 2022 - 10:16
Mold as the open-source high performance linker continues its ascent in working to prove itself as a viable alternative to LLVM's LLD and GNU Gold. Mold 1.6 is out today with the latest fixes and features...

USB4 v2.0 Specification Published For Doubling The Performance

Phoronix - 19. Říjen 2022 - 5:00
The USB Implementers Forum on Tuesday announced the USB4 v2.0 specification that allows USB transfer speeds up to 80 Gbps over USB Type-C connections...

AMD Develops New "GI-1.0" Open-Source Global Illumination Tech

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 23:20
AMD under their GPUOpen umbrella has published a paper on their new technology dubbed "GI-1.0" that is a fast, scalable two-level radiance caching scheme for real-time global illumination. This means of real-time global illumination says it can deliver comparable quality to other GI implementations while said to be much faster. GI-1.0 will be open-source, AMD says, but the code isn't yet published...

Odoo: otevřený informační systém nabízející ERP, CMS i e-commerce - 18. Říjen 2022 - 23:00
Pokud uvažujete nad zavedením firemního informačního systému, určitě do užšího výběru zařaďte také otevřený systém Odoo. Nabízí obrovskou škálu interních i externích modulů a uspokojí veškeré potřeby české firmy.

Microsoft Promotes Its Open-Source Terminal To The Default For Windows 11 CLI Apps

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 19:50
As some interesting open-source news out of Microsoft today, their open-source Windows Terminal that has been in development the past few years and providing many modern features is now the default beginning with Windows 11 22H2...

MoltenVK Updated For Vulkan 1.2 Support On Apple macOS/iOS

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 19:00
MoltenVK as the portability layer for Vulkan that exposes this industry standard graphics API on Apple's macOS, iOS, and tvOS platforms is now able to expose Vulkan 1.2 compatibility...

Git 2.38.1 Released For Two New Security Vulnerabilities

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 18:15
Git 2.38.1 was just released along with updates to older versions, including the new point releases of v2.30.6, v2.31.5, v2.32.4, v2.33.5, v2.34.5, v2.35.5, v2.36.3, and v2.37.4. The big set of Git updates today is due to two more security issues coming to light...

AMD, Google, Microsoft & NVIDIA Announce "Caliptra" Open-Source Root of Trust

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 17:00
AMD, Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA have used this week's OCP Global Summit to announce Caliptra as their open specification for a silicon Root-of-Trust (ROT) to be found with future CPUs / SoCs, GPUs, NICs, SSDs, and other hardware components.

OpenPOWER Foundation Demoes The LibreBMC POWER-Based Open-Source BMC

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 17:00
Last year the OpenPOWER Foundation announced LibreBMC as a POWER-based open-source BMC and now they have progressed to the point of actually demoing this BMC backed by a fully open-source software stack...

Zlepšenia bezpečnosti v distribúcii Tails 5.5

LinuxEXPRES - 18. Říjen 2022 - 14:00

Posledná verzia linuxovej distribúcie Tails 5.5, ktorá je zameraná na ochranu súkromia užívateľov, pridala niekoľko aktualizácií softvéru, vrátane novšieho klienta Thunderbird 102. Jedno zlepšenie pribudlo aj pre nástroj Wget.

Coreboot 4.18 Released With AMD Morgana & Intel Meteor Lake SoC Support

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 11:00
Coreboot 4.18 had been planned for release in August but after that slipped, this newest Coreboot feature release is now shipping and comes with many hardware support improvements and other changes for this open-source system firmware implementation...

AMD CPU Microcode Fix For Linux To Patch Every Logical Thread Nears Mainline

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 10:42
Back in August I wrote about a patch to change AMD's CPU microcode loading on Linux to now patch every logical CPU thread rather than just per physical core. It turned out that at least some CPU microcode updates do make per-thread modifications while the Linux kernel microcode handling for AMD was just applying microcode updates at run-time on a per-core basis. That patch was seemingly forgotten about but has now been queued up as part of x86 "urgent" changes for the mainline kernel...

Microsoft Releases Its Linux Distribution Update For October 2022

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 10:22
Microsoft has released its monthly update to CBL-Mariner 2.0, its in-house Linux distribution serving a variety of purposes from WSL to Azure...

Mesa's Gallium3D Finishes Gutting Out Its Graw Interface

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 10:14
Two weeks ago a bunch of old Mesa code got removed including the XvMC front-end, Rbug as a remote debugging interface, and some of Graw that was to serve as a raw Gallium3D interface without a traditional Gallium front-end. Some of Graw was accidentally left in the source tree while now that has been caught and eliminated in further lightening the size of Mesa...

Proton 7.0-5 RC Gets More Windows Games Running On Linux

Phoronix - 18. Říjen 2022 - 0:08
Valve is preparing to roll-out Proton 7.0-5 as the newest version of this Wine-derived software that powers Steam Play for enjoying Windows games on Linux. For facilitating some testing prior to the formal Proton 7.0-5, a release candidate was published today...

Návod: jak použít Ubuntu Pro zdarma a zajistit si tak desetiletou podporu - 17. Říjen 2022 - 23:00
Společnost Canonical se rozhodla poskytnout zdarma svůj program podpory Ubuntu Pro. Bezplatně je možné jej užívat do pěti instalací, což pokrývá jednotlivce či malé firmy. Jak přesně si Ubuntu Pro pořídit?

Podpora SIMD (vektorových) instrukcí na RISCových procesorech - 17. Říjen 2022 - 23:00
SIMD operace, s jejichž některými variantami určenými pro platformu x86–64 jsme se seznámili minule, se používají i na RISCových procesorech. Dnes se seznámíme s rozšířením NEON pro procesory ARM.

libcamera Celebrates Its First Release As Camera Support Library For Linux

Phoronix - 17. Říjen 2022 - 20:00
Libcamera has been in development for several years now as an open-source camera support library that works across Linux, Android, and Chrome OS platforms. Due to interest from seeing tagged releases, the libcamera crew has published their first official release of this open-source camera stack...

Open 3D Engine 22.10 Released With Better Multiplayer Support, Usability Improvements

Phoronix - 17. Říjen 2022 - 19:30
Ahead of O3DCON kicking off tomorrow in Austin, Texas as a developer event around the Open 3D Engine game engine backed by the Linux Foundation and numerous organizations, O3DE 22.10 has been released...
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