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AMD Expected To Complete Its Acquisition Of Xilinx Next Week

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 14:15
AMD just announced that it has received approval from all necessary regulators to proceed with its acquisition of Xilinx...

Intel PECI Code To Be Mainlined With Linux 5.18

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 14:00
Linux 5.18 is looking to be another very busy kernel cycle for Intel as in addition to Alder Lake N graphics, the Intel Hardware Feedback Interface (HFI), and integrating Software Defined Silicon (SDSi), Intel's PECI kernel code is finally being mainlined...

Radeon ROCm 5.0 Released With Some RDNA2 GPU Support

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 12:06
Overnight AMD quietly released ROCm 5.0 for improving the Radeon Open eCosystem. Most exciting with ROCm 5.0 is having some level of Navi 2x / RDNA2 GPU support!..

LoongArch CPU Support Begins Landing In LLVM

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 11:50
Hitting the LLVM 15.0 development tree this morning are the initial patches for China's LoongArch CPU architecture...

Radeon Software for Linux 21.50 Driver Prepared For Release

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 10:52
The Radeon Software for Linux packaged enterprise driver is preparing for its Q1'2022 update...

DirectFB2 Is Modernizing DirectFB With Meson, Modularizing The Sources

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 10:34
DirectFB2 is in development with work on it having started last year after the original DirectFB project ceased development a half-decade ago. While more embedded/mobile platforms have moved on from DirectFB and now targeting Wayland, DirectFB2 hopes to restore its viability for embedded systems...

GRUB 2.12 Planned For Release This Year, Continues Improving Boot Security

Phoronix - 10. Únor 2022 - 6:00
One of the recurring FOSDEM talks we have come to enjoy has been Oracle's Daniel Kiper providing an annual update on the GRUB bootloader development efforts. This past weekend at FOSDEM 2022 was the latest on this leading open-source bootloader with recent accomplishments and plans for this year...

Softwarová sklizeň (10. 2. 2022) - 10. Únor 2022 - 0:00
Dnes si představíme aplikaci pro monitoring webových aplikací, vyzkoušíme klienta pro Discord v terminálu, upravíme konfigurační soubor a seznámíme se se správcem úloh pro stroje s grafickou kartou Nvidia.

Funkce a typový systém programovacího jazyka ML - 10. Únor 2022 - 0:00
Ve druhé části článku (resp. celého miniseriálu) o programovacím jazyku ML se zaměříme především na podrobnější popis typového systému tohoto jazyka a taktéž na složitější funkce, které používají pattern matching.

Intel Software Defined Silicon Planned For Integration In Linux 5.18

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 20:19
We still don't know what features Intel is planning to capitalize upon with their Software Defined Silicon "SDSi" functionality in future CPUs, but it turns out the kernel mainlining of the necessary software support is now expanded to land with Linux 5.18. With the SDSi kernel support coming together rather quickly, it's possible we could be seeing Software Defined Silicon rather soon...

KWinFT 5.24 Released - Continues To Advance Its Wayland Support, Expand On Wlroots

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 19:37
Along with yesterday marking the release of KDE Plasma 5.24, KWinFT 5.24 debuted as the newest version of this KWin compositor fork that continues focusing on providing Wayland support, new features, and modernizing the codebase...

Posun v podpore ARM64 v OpenMandrive Lx 4.3

LinuxEXPRES - 9. Únor 2022 - 16:30

Inštalačné obrazy pre novú verziu linuxovej distribúcie OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 sú už dostupné na stiahnutie s aktualizáciami softvérových balíčkov. Táto verzia OpenMandrivy sa posunula v podpore architektúry ARM64 s podporou RISC-V stále vo vývoji.

GNU Binutils 2.38 Released With LoongArch Support, Intel AVX-512 FP16, More Arm Cores

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 15:22
GNU Binutils 2.38 is out today as the newest feature release to this collection of free software utilities very common to Linux systems and other platforms...

Intel Graphics Driver Has Alder Lake N & DG2/Alchemist Performance Boost For Linux 5.18

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 13:07
Intel on Tuesday submitted to DRM-Next what is likely to be their biggest set of feature updates for their "i915" kernel graphics driver in this spring's Linux 5.18...

Europe's AMD-Powered LUMI Supercomputer Continues With Code Porting, Open-Source Tuning

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 11:45
The LUMI supercomputer in Finland is still being assembled with its 2,560 nodes consisting of a 64-core AMD Trento CPU and four AMD Instinct MI250X GPU accelerators per node. This 375+ PFLOPs was supposed to come online by the end of 2021 but was challenged by the supply chain crisis and is now aiming for general availability by the middle of the year. While the hardware is still coming together, their HPC engineers have been hard at work optimizing the open-source Linux software stack...

Intel "Crocus" Driver For Old iGPUs Bumps OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 11:30
The Intel Crocus Mesa driver providing open-source Gallium3D support for older i965 through Haswell era graphics hardware now offers much better OpenGL compatibility profile support...

AVX-Accelerated SM3 Secure Hashing Queued For Linux 5.18

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 11:12
Last year I wrote about Alibaba wanting to contribute AVX-optimized SM3 hashing for the Linux kernel to speed up that Chinese hashing algorithm that has use-cases similar to that of SHA256 while having similar security and performance. That work is now queued up into the crypto subsystem's "-next" branch for Linux 5.18...

Qualcomm Open-Source Vulkan Driver Aims To Run More Windows Games Via Wine / Proton

Phoronix - 9. Únor 2022 - 6:00
At this past weekend's FOSDEM 2022 virtual event, a status update was provided on Mesa's "TURNIP" Vulkan open-source driver that provides accelerated support for Qualcomm Adreno graphics...

Knot DNS: další funkce související s DNSSEC - 9. Únor 2022 - 0:00
V předchozím dílu jsme si představili základy fungování a provozu DNSSEC na serveru Knot DNS. Dnes navážeme popisem některých dalších funkcí tohoto serveru, které s DNSSEC souvisejí.

Intel Releases 20220207 Microcode For Linux Users To Provide Important Security Fixes

Phoronix - 8. Únor 2022 - 22:16
As part of Intel making a number of security disclosures public today, Intel has published updated CPU microcode images for Linux users via their GitHub repository...
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