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Radeon RADV Optimizations In Mesa 22.0 Improve PRIME/Hybrid GPU Performance

11. Leden 2022 - 15:15
While RADV is not AMD's official Radeon Vulkan driver for Linux systems, for Mesa 22.0 they have contributed a set of optimizations to improve the "DRI_PRIME" performance for hybrid GPU setups such as the growing number of AMD powered notebooks with discrete graphics...

DXVK 1.9.3 Released With NVIDIA DLSS Integration, Many Game Fixes

11. Leden 2022 - 13:48
DXVK 1.9.3 is out as its first release of 2022 for implementing Direct3D 9/10/11 over Vulkan for allowing Windows games to enjoy good performance when running atop Linux via Valve's Steam Play...

Intel Lands 20~40% Performance Optimization For Arc Graphics In Mesa 22.0

11. Leden 2022 - 13:00
Intel's pixel pipeline optimization work focused on speeding up DG2/Alchemist graphics cards with their open-source graphics driver has managed to land in Mesa 22.0...

New AMD P-State Driver Headlines The Power Management Updates For Linux 5.17

11. Leden 2022 - 12:00
The power management subsystem updates were sent out yesterday and already mainlined for the in-development Linux 5.17 kernel. Most notable with the power management changes for this new version of the Linux kernel is the introduction of the AMD P-State driver developed in cooperation with Valve for the Steam Deck but stands to help CPU/SoC power efficiency across Zen 2 and newer hardware...

Microsoft Lands D3D12 Compute Support In Mesa 22.0

11. Leden 2022 - 11:08
Following Microsoft working on shader storage buffer object support for their Gallium3D D3D12 back-end within Mesa, they've been working on OpenGL compute and OpenGL ES 3.1 support for this controversial component to allow OpenGL/GLES/OpenCL to work atop Windows' Direct3D 12 drivers such as for Windows Subsystem for Linux...

Linux 5.17 Adds Sensor Monitoring Support To Many More ASUS Motherboards

11. Leden 2022 - 10:00
The Linux 5.17 hardware monitoring "HWMON" subsystem updates include the new NZXT driver, new drivers to greatly expand sensor coverage on modern ASUS desktop motherboards, temperature monitoring for next-gen AMD Zen processors, and more...

Firefox 96 Yields Less Load On The Main Thread, WebP Encoder For Canvas

11. Leden 2022 - 6:00
Firefox 96.0 is officially shipping today as the first update of 2022 for this open-source web browser...

Btrfs Seeing Nice Performance Improvements For Linux 5.17

11. Leden 2022 - 0:45
With the Btrfs file-system popularity ticking back up, that seems to be helping upstream enthusiasm and development efforts as with Linux 5.17 there is yet more exciting work...

Intel Announces New Leader Of Client Computing Group

10. Leden 2022 - 22:36
Intel announced new leadership changes today as 2022 gets started for what is expected to be an eventful year at the company with Sapphire Rapids, Raptor Lake, and Intel Arc graphics ahead...

Hyperscalers Have Been Making CentOS 9 Stream More Attractive With New Features

10. Leden 2022 - 21:09
While many were upset by CentOS Linux 8 going premature EOL at the end of last year, for those that made the move to CentOS Stream there continues to be a love of moment in part by the recently establisher Hyperscale SIG. For CentOS Stream 9, the big hyperscalers have been working on some interesting additions/backporting to the platform...

DragonFlyBSD 6.2 Released With AMD Graphics Driver, Better HAMMER2, NVMM Hypervisor

10. Leden 2022 - 19:58
DragonFlyBSD 6.2 is now available as the latest version of this popular BSD open-source operating system...

Google Rolls Chrome 98 Into Beta With COLRv1 Font Support

10. Leden 2022 - 19:34
Following last week's release of Chrome 97, Google has promoted Chrome 98 to beta form...

The Intel/AMD Laptop & Tablet Support Improvements For Linux 5.17

10. Leden 2022 - 15:30
The x86 platform drivers area of the kernel remains very active in recent times thanks to the continued investments by Red Hat as well as growing IHV interest from the likes of Lenovo while also still having many contributions flow in from the likes of AMD and Intel. With Linux 5.17 are a number of driver additions and improvements for benefiting various x86 laptops and tablets...

The Networking Changes For Linux 5.17 Are Very Exciting

10. Leden 2022 - 13:40
The Linux networking subsystem updates for the in-development 5.17 kernel are quite exciting as usual given how prolific Linux is from large servers in the cloud to running on enterprise networking gear down to Linux on small IoT hardware. Not only is there a lot of hardware driver action as usual but also some key performance/latency optimizations...

USI Stylus, LetSketch Tablet Driver, Better Apple Magic Device Support In Linux 5.17

10. Leden 2022 - 13:06
The HID subsystem changes are rather exciting this time around of the new feature material for Linux 5.17...

Linux 5.17 EDAC Driver Brings Support For New AMD Zen CPUs, RDDR5 / LRDDR5 Memory

10. Leden 2022 - 12:21
With the Linux 5.17 kernel merge window formally open today, among the early pull requests sent out this morning were the Error Detection And Correction (EDAC) driver updates which is notable this time in preparation for next-generation AMD EPYC server hardware...

XWayland 22.1 Planned For Release Next Month

10. Leden 2022 - 11:59
It's been almost one year already since the last XWayland standalone feature release separate from the X.Org Server codebase itself while now the next feature installment will soon be out...

GNU Linux-libre 5.16 Brings More Firmware Cleansing, Deblobbing

10. Leden 2022 - 10:30
Following yesterday's release of Linux 5.16, the GNU folks have released GNU Linux-libre 5.16-gnu as their downstream that removes/disables any code depending upon non-open-source firmware/microcode binaries, the ability to load proprietary kernel modules, and other cleaning in the name of free software...

Linux 5.16 Released With Many Intel & AMD Additions, Memory Folios, AMX, FUTEX2

10. Leden 2022 - 0:23
As expected the Linux 5.16 kernel has been promoted to stable...

Linux 5.16 Graphics Performance In Great Shape For AMD Ryzen APUs

9. Leden 2022 - 18:30
Back on Christmas Eve I noted how the Linux 5.16 performance was looking real good for AMD APUs as a performance improvement not widely noted to that point with significant uplift over Linux 5.15 stable. The good news is Linux 5.16 is set to debut as stable today and the benchmark results with AMD APU graphics is looking very promising after carrying out tests on additional available systems.