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Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 Released - Finally Supports SecureBoot, Home Encryption

20. Březen 2020 - 12:55
The Linux Mint crew has released LMDE 4 "Debbie" as their hedge against anything dramatic happening to Ubuntu that would limit their ability to offer Linux Mint and for those preferring the upstream Debian base...

IWD Linux Wireless Daemon Adds Full MAC Randomization, Override Support

20. Březen 2020 - 12:09
Intel's IWD wireless daemon for Linux systems has added full MAC randomization support as well as manual MAC override capabilities, similar to the MAC spoofing capabilities generally offered by other Linux networking components...

Intel Tiger Lake VRR Support Being Worked On For Linux, More PCI IDs Introduced

20. Březen 2020 - 11:41
With the forthcoming Linux 5.7 kernel Intel Tiger Lake "Gen12" Xe graphics are considered stable as in enabled by default but that doesn't mean they are done working on features for the highly-anticipated next-gen Intel graphics...

AMD Begins Focusing On Bug Fixes For Linux 5.7 Graphics Driver Code

20. Březen 2020 - 8:47
Passing the point that new feature code is generally permitted into DRM-Next for in turn hitting the next mainline kernel merge window, AMD's open-source graphics driver developers have been turning their attention to bug fixes for all the new feature code set for Linux 5.7...

Mesa 20.1 Aiming For Release At The End Of May

20. Březen 2020 - 6:15
This should come as little surprise to regular Phoronix readers and those that follow the Mesa release cadence, but Mesa 20.1 as the next quarterly feature release now has a release calendar putting its debut towards the end of May...

os108 9.0 Released As One Of The Few Desktop Operating Systems Based On NetBSD

20. Březen 2020 - 5:00
The os108 project is one of the few (or only?) distributions based on NetBSD currently providing a MATE-based desktop experience atop this BSD. The os108 9.0 release is now available that re-bases against the recent NetBSD 9.0 release while continuing to provide its out-of-the-box desktop goodness...

Debian Looks To Go More Social From Microblogging To A Federated Image+Video Platform

20. Březen 2020 - 2:03
Debian has the domain where they are looking to deploy a set of services to share content and collaborate among Debian contributors as their own federated social platform...

AMD Plumbing Linux Support For Reading The CPU's Protected Processor Identification Number (PPIN)

20. Březen 2020 - 0:23
Going back to Ivy Bridge processors, Intel has supported "PPIN" as the Protected Processor Identification Number as a globally unique identification number set in the factory. It turns out recent AMD CPUs are also supporting PPIN and that reading their value is about to be supported on Linux...

HP ZBook 17 G6 Has The Most Impressive Mobile Workstation Performance We've Seen Yet

19. Březen 2020 - 20:40
For those that may be working from home more frequently now and looking for a very capable laptop to serve as a mobile workstation, HP's ZBook 17 G6 is the most powerful contender we have tested to date that offers great performance potential paired with very reliable build quality and also offering easy upgrade potential.

Microsoft Announces "DirectX 12 Ultimate"

19. Březen 2020 - 19:16
While not Linux specific news, for those interested in graphics APIs or cross-platform aspects of gaming, Microsoft today announced DirectX 12 Ultimate...

LLVM 10.0 Release Pushed Back By Another Week Over Last Minute Bugs

19. Březen 2020 - 15:26
LLVM 10.0 along with the likes of Clang 10.0 were supposed to be out nearly one month ago but instead a fifth release candidate arrived today...

MHI: Linux 5.7 Getting A New Bus From Qualcomm

19. Březen 2020 - 14:00
Linux 5.7 will support the MHI protocol developed by Qualcomm as part of the new kernel bus being introduced...

Linux Developers Discuss Flushing L1 Cache On Context Switches In Light Of Vulnerabilities

19. Březen 2020 - 12:10
In light of data sampling vulnerabilities like MDS, engineers from Amazon, Google, and other organizations are discussing a proof-of-concept implementation that would optionally flush the L1 data cache on context switches...

AMD SEV-ES Guest Support Updated With More Improvements, Rebased

19. Březen 2020 - 11:39
Back in February came patches for AMD SEV-ES "Encrypted State" support as building off the Linux kernel's existing support for Secure Encrypted Virtualization in conjunction with AMD EPYC processors. The SEV-ES enablement work has now been revised...

Mesa 20.1 Sees Big Optimizations To Its Soft FP64 Implementation

19. Březen 2020 - 9:00
For the past year Mesa has offered a "soft" implementation of FP64 capabilities for GPUs lacking FP64 hardware capabilities in order to support ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 as required by OpenGL 4.0. Optimizations were merged today to significantly enhance the "soft FP64" capabilities of Mesa...

LLVM Lands Build System Changes To Make It Easier For Out-Of-Tree Projects To Use MLIR

19. Březen 2020 - 6:47
Since being released by Google engineers last year and subsequently integrated into the LLVM ecosystem, the MLIR intermediate representation has quickly been gaining interest both among LLVM projects and other external users...

Firefox 76 Enabling VA-API Wayland Acceleration For All Video Codecs

19. Březen 2020 - 5:00
With the upcoming Firefox 75 there is VA-API GPU-based video acceleration working on Wayland. While this built off FFmpeg, the initial code was limited to supporting H.264 while for Firefox 76 that is being extended...

Mesa 20.0.2 Released With The Latest Fixes, Principally Helping Intel + Radeon Graphics

18. Březen 2020 - 23:48
Mesa 20.0.2 is out this evening as the latest stable bug-fix update for the Mesa Q1'2020 driver series...

NVMe SSD Systems May Boot Slightly Quicker With Linux 5.7

18. Březen 2020 - 22:12
Systems making use of NVMe solid-state storage may see slightly faster boot times with the Linux 5.7 kernel this summer...

LibreOffice 7.0 Git Adds Skia-Based Text Rendering Support

18. Březen 2020 - 19:35
With the in-development LibreOffice 7.0 one of the headlining changes is making use of Google's Skia library and with that is Vulkan rendering support. That initial implementation was using Skia to draw the UI while now it's also picking up text rendering responsibilities...