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OpenRISC Enables PCI Support With Linux 6.0

6. Srpen 2022 - 5:00
While OpenRISC has been around a decade longer than RISC-V and its original support in the Linux kernel dates back to the v3.1 days, on the hardware side OpenRISC hasn't enjoyed nearly as much success as RISC-V and its kernel support not advancing nearly as rapidly. Now with Linux 6.0, OpenRISC is finally exposing PCI bus support...

DreamWorks Animation To Open-Source MoonRay Renderer

5. Srpen 2022 - 19:04
DreamWorks Animation announced today that they intend to release their MoonRay production renderer as open-source softwate later in 2022. DreamWorks' MoonRay renderer has been used for films such as How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, The Bad Guys, Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, and other animated films...

Rust For Linux Kernel v9 Patches Trim Things Down Greatly For Easier Upstreaming

5. Srpen 2022 - 18:53
Earlier this week saw the Rust for Linux v8 patches posted that introduced a number of new abstractions and expanding the Rust programming language integration to more areas of the kernel. Those patches amounted to 43.6k lines of new code while "Rust for Linux v9" was posted today and comes in at just 12.5k lines of new code...

AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U: ACPI Platform Profile Low-Power vs. Balanced vs. Performance

5. Srpen 2022 - 17:22
As with many new Intel/AMD laptops these days, the recently launched Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen3 with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U "Rembrandt" SoC boasts ACPI Platform Profile support that is exposed under Linux for switching between low-power, balanced (default), and performance modes. For those curious about this ACPI Platform Profile impact, here are some benchmarks from this 6850U laptop under Ubuntu Linux and its impact on power and thermal efficiency too.

GNU Binutils 2.39 Released - ELF Linker Now Warns If A Stack Is Made Executable

5. Srpen 2022 - 16:16
Following the release of GNU Glibc 2.36 earlier this week, GNU Binutils 2.39 released today for this common set of binary utilities on open-source systems...

Dbus-Broker Working On AppArmor Support, Opening The Door For Possible Ubuntu Use

5. Srpen 2022 - 11:50
Dbus-Broker as a drop-in replacement for the reference D-Bus implementation while focused on better performance and reliability is out with a new version. Notable with this new Dbus-Broker 32 is the beginnings of AppArmor support that could open the door for Ubuntu Linux switching over to it in the future...

Microsoft Continues Improving Its Internal Linux Distro With Another Update

5. Srpen 2022 - 11:13
It was just over a year ago Microsoft lifted the lid further on CBL-Mariner as its internal Linux distribution used for a variety of purposes at the company from running within their Azure cloud environment to also finding use by WSL, and various other use-cases. They have continued issuing updates and expanding the capabilities of this enterprise-tasked Linux distribution...

Linux 6.0's Perf Tooling Ready For AMD Zen 4 IBS

5. Srpen 2022 - 10:52
Earlier this year AMD began posting Linux kernel patches for >a href="">Instruction Based Sampling (IBS) extensions coming with Zen 4 processors. With Linux 5.19 the Zen 4 IBS extensions landed while now with Linux 6.0 the perf tools have been updated for dealing with Zen 4 IBS...

XFS Scalability Improvement, Other File-System Enhancements Land In Linux 6.0

5. Srpen 2022 - 10:39
The XFS file-system may be getting up there in age but there are no signs of it slowing down but rather the opposite -- continued scalability work and performance optimizations -- as well as tacking on new features. With Linux 6.0, the mature XFS continues to age well. Separately, the EXT4 file-system updates have also landed in Linux 6.0...

AMDVLK 2022.Q3.2 Released With Game Optimizations, Fixes CTS Failures

5. Srpen 2022 - 9:54
AMDVLK 2022.Q3.2 was released by AMD overnight as their newest official open-source Vulkan driver release for Linux systems...

Intel Raptor Lake Thunderbolt, CL1 Low-Power State Coming With Linux 6.0

5. Srpen 2022 - 0:31
Greg Kroah-Hartman has submitted all of the USB and Thunderbolt driver changes targeting the Linux 6.0 kernel of which there is a lot of new hardware enablement and enhancements to existing driver support...

Linux 6.0 KVM Brings Intel IPI Virtualization, AMD x2AVIC

4. Srpen 2022 - 19:47
There are a few notable changes worth mentioning when it comes to KVM virtualization with Linux 6.0...

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Delayed Due To An OEM Install Issue Leading To Broken Snaps

4. Srpen 2022 - 14:30
Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS had been due for release today but has now been pushed back by one week after discovering an installer issue that led to Snaps like the default Mozilla Firefox browser failing to launch once installed...

An Early Look At AMD EPYC Performance Gains On Linux 6.0

4. Srpen 2022 - 14:00
With Linux 6.0 having some big scheduler changes and tuning that should specifically benefit AMD Zen systems, I've been eager to see how some high core count EPYC servers will benefit from this next version of the Linux kernel. While just a few days into the Linux 6.0 merge window, here are some early benchmarks showing some of the areas where Linux 6.0 is allowing higher performance out of existing AMD EPYC 7003 series hardware...

AMD Developing "PMF" Linux Driver For Better Desktop/Laptop User Experience

4. Srpen 2022 - 12:56
AMD recently started posting Linux patches for a Platform Management Framework "PMF" driver that is designed to "enhance end user experience by making AMD PCs smarter, quieter, power efficient by adapting to user behavior and environment."..

There Is Another Debate Over An AI Accelerator Subsystem For Linux

4. Srpen 2022 - 11:55
With there recently being a number of new driver proposals for various AI-focused accelerators for the Linux kernel, currently they either go into "char/misc" as the random catch-all area of the kernel or within the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) subsystem traditionally used for GPU drivers. There's been yet another discussion happening this week over introducing a formal "accelerator" subsystem in the kernel for the growing number of AI devices that may be seeking to provide open-source drivers...

Intel SGX2 Support Coming With Linux 6.0

4. Srpen 2022 - 10:43
Back in 2020 with Linux 5.11 Intel SGX support was finally merged after undergoing 40+ revisions over the span of years. Fortunately, not taking as long is now Intel SGX2 support that is set to be mainlined with the new Linux 6.0 kernel...

Vulkan 1.3.224 Introduces Another New Extension To Help Valve's Steam Play

4. Srpen 2022 - 10:04
Vulkan 1.3.224 was released earlier today and with this spec update comes VK_EXT_attachment_feedback_loop_layout as another extension started by Valve developers and will help their Steam Play (Proton) efforts...

NVIDIA Releases CUDA 11.7 U1 With Support For RHEL 9.0

4. Srpen 2022 - 10:00
It took longer than expected but NVIDIA's CUDA is out with an update providing official support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0...

MGLRU & Maple Tree Miss Out On Linux 6.0 But Will Aim For Linux 6.1

4. Srpen 2022 - 5:00
A lot of great features are landing for Linux 6.0 but two more are now confirmed to partake in this next major kernel version: Multi-Gen LRU (MGLRU) and the Maple Leaf data structure...