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Mesa 19.1 Has Been Branched, Mesa 19.2 Is In Development

7. Květen 2019 - 18:16
The Mesa 19.1 release candidate is running a few days behind schedule but the code branching has indeed occurred while Mesa 19.2 is now under development on Git master...

Sailfish OS "Hossa" Upgrades From The Old eglibc 2.19, But Still Relying On GCC 4

7. Květen 2019 - 17:45
Jolla released Sailfish OS 3.0.3 "Hossa" as the newest feature update to their mobile Linux OS. With this update they've begun a number of much-needed low-level improvements to their platform...

Some AMD CPUs Might Lose RdRand Randomness Following Suspend/Resume

7. Květen 2019 - 16:19
Systemd developers are sounding the alarms that some AMD processors might lose randomness (yielding non-random data) via the RdRand instruction following a suspend/resume alarm. However, initial indications don't appear for this to be some glaring widespread issue and might be limited to the older AMD CPUs and/or BIOS/motherboard combination...

Don't Hold Your Breath On UBports' Ubuntu Touch For Purism's Librem 5 Smartphone

7. Květen 2019 - 15:15
While Ubuntu Touch that continues to be worked on by the UBports community remains one of the most viable and furthest along Linux open-source smartphone operating systems, it doesn't look like there will be any solid support in time for launch-day of the upcoming Purism Librem 5 smartphone...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 Reaches General Availability

7. Květen 2019 - 14:06
As we've been expecting, Red Hat just announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0...

AMD EPYC + Radeon Instinct To Power "Frontier" 1.5 Exaflop Supercomputer

7. Květen 2019 - 13:22
AMD and Cray announced today they won a contract to provide the US Department of Energy with the hardware to the "Frontier" supercomputer that is expected to go online in 2021 and deliver 1.5 exaflops of compute power...

Linux DRM Adds Quirk For Dealing With Valve's Index VR Headset

7. Květen 2019 - 12:23
With Valve's Index VR headset slated to ship starting in July, this premium $999 USD headset has now been quirk'ed to properly behave under Linux...

Linux 5.2 For s390 Finally Adds Support For KASLR

7. Květen 2019 - 11:47
The IBM System Z kernel code with the now in-development Linux 5.2 kernel is finally supporting kernel address space layout randomization (KASLR)...

RadeonSI Adds Workaround To Deal With Incorrect Rendering In Counter-Strike: GO

7. Květen 2019 - 11:33
For those enjoying Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver, a workaround has been added to Mesa Git that is also marked for back-porting to the Mesa 19.0/19.1 series to address incorrect rendering issues...

Outreachy Summer 2019 Participants & Projects Announced

7. Květen 2019 - 6:50
In addition to Google announcing the accepted GSoC 2019 summer projects, the Outreachy organization on Monday also announced their accepted participants and projects for this internship effort that encourages women and other under-represented groups in technology to get involved in the open-source movement...

HID Updates Sent In To Linux 5.2 With U2F Zero Driver, Better Logitech Wireless

7. Květen 2019 - 5:07
The HID subsystem updates for the Linux 5.2 kernel have two changes in particular we have been eager to see merged...

Ubuntu 19.10 Is The "Eoan Ermine" Release

7. Květen 2019 - 0:31
What comes after Eoan in the Ubuntu codename fun? It's not Elephant, Eagle, Eel, or even Earwig... Ubuntu 19.10 is the Eoan Ermine...

There Are A Ton Of Interesting GSoC Projects This Year: Dav1d GPU Compute, Wayland, Rust

6. Květen 2019 - 20:45
Google announced the list of accepted students/projects this year for their annual Summer of Code program...

Btrfs Gets Some Useful Fixes/Improvements With The Linux 5.2 Kernel

6. Květen 2019 - 19:32
David Sterba sent in the Btrfs file-system updates already for the now-open Linux 5.2 merge window...

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 To Offer Faster I/O Performance, Native Docker Containers

6. Květen 2019 - 18:29
In addition to the Windows Terminal app, Microsoft announced from their Build 2019 conference that Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2) will be coming out this summer...

Microsoft Announces "Windows Terminal" As Linux-esque Inspired Terminal For Windows 10

6. Květen 2019 - 17:23
Microsoft announced from their Build 2019 conference this morning Windows Terminal as the newest Linux-inspired feature coming to Windows 10...

Radeon RX 560/570/580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060/1650/1660 Linux Gaming Performance

6. Květen 2019 - 16:09
If you are looking to soon upgrade your graphics card for Linux gaming -- especially with the increasing number of titles running well under Steam Play -- but only have a budget of around $200 USD for the graphics card, this comparison is for you. In this article we're looking at the AMD Radeon RX 560 / RX 570 / RX 580 against the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / GTX 1650 / GTX 1660 graphics cards. Not only are we looking at the OpenGL/Vulkan Linux gaming performance both for native titles and Steam Play but also the GPU power consumption and performance-per-dollar metrics to help guide your next budget GPU purchasing decision.

GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu Released As The Kernel Continues To Be Deblobbed

6. Květen 2019 - 14:02
Hot off the release of Linux 5.1 from last night, the Free Software Foundation Latin America team has released GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu as their sanitized kernel that strips out support for loading binary-only microcode/firmware files, the ability to load binary-only kernel modules, and related code they deem supporting "non-free" software...

Spectre/Meltdown Mitigations Can Now Be Toggled With Convenient "mitigations=" Option

6. Květen 2019 - 13:04
Beginning with the Linux 5.2 kernel, it will be easier to disable Spectre, Meltdown, and other CPU vulnerability mitigations if you prefer maximum performance out of your system instead...

Intel Baytrail & Cherrytrail Systems Can Now Correctly Hibernate Again Under Linux

6. Květen 2019 - 12:36
Baytrail era systems have been a bit notorious on Linux but at least one recent regression is now resolved that for the past few kernel releases had broke hibernation support for Intel Baytrail and Cherrytrail SoC systems...