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NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX 3050, RTX 3090 Ti

4. Leden 2022 - 17:34
As expected, NVIDIA has used its CES 2022 address to announce the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti albeit in brief form. The GeForce RTX 3050 was also announced...

AMD CES 2022 Keynote Showcases Next-Gen Products

4. Leden 2022 - 16:00
AMD CEO Lisa Su is beginning her CES 2022 keynote right now. Lisa will be talking up the company's consumer wares for the year with a particular focus expected on the Ryzen 6000 series mobile "Rembrandt" processors and AMD CPUs with 3D V-Cache.

Experimental VA-API Implemented Over NVIDIA's NVDEC - Allows Firefox Video Acceleration

4. Leden 2022 - 13:06
For software like Mozilla Firefox that relies on the cross-vendor Video Acceleration API (VA-API) for hardware GPU-based video decoding and doesn't support NVIDIA's proprietary NVDEC interface for video decoding, there is an in-development VA-API implementation that works atop NVIDIA NVDEC...

AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile CPUs Feature Microsoft's Pluton Security

4. Leden 2022 - 12:14
Back in 2020 Microsoft announced their "Pluton" security chip that woulld be coming to future AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm processors. The Pluton security processor is designed to improve the system security under Windows and now we find out that AMD's forthcoming Ryzen 6000 "Rembrandt" mobile processors will be the first featuring this security feature that may prove controversial to Linux/open-source fans...

More Troublesome x86 Android Tablets Being Fixed Up By New Linux Driver

4. Leden 2022 - 11:28
Last week I called attention to the new "x86-android-tablets" driver being prepared for introduction in Linux 5.17. That driver aims to fix up the mess of various x86 Android-focused tablets failing to run off the mainline Linux kernel or having various device issues in doing so. Since that prior article, more patches have been posted to address additional tablet issues...

Alibaba Proposes A Group Balancer For The Linux Kernel Scheduler

4. Leden 2022 - 11:08
With more organizations such as Alibaba configuring their servers to share CPU cores/resources among applications these days rather than exclusively assigning CPU cores to individual applications/tasks, the Chinese company is proposing a new "group balancer" for the Linux kernel scheduler...

Linux 5.17 Patch Can Help With Systemd-Less System Security, May Break Some Old Drivers

4. Leden 2022 - 10:48
A decade old patch is set to be mainlined in the upcoming Linux 5.17 that has been carried by Google's Chrome OS kernel build for years and can help with security on Linux systems not relying upon systemd's udev...

LLVM/Clang Adds Support For ARMv9.3-A

4. Leden 2022 - 1:00
It was nearly one year ago that Arm announced the Armv9 architecture as the successor to ARMv8 that was introduced a decade ago. Since then Arm has been working on adding Armv9 support to the open-source compilers such as GCC and LLVM/Clang. That initial Armv9 support has been in place for months now while on the LLVM/Clang today it received support for Armv9.3-A as the latest iteration...

AMD Threadripper 3990X + RX 5700 XT System76 Thelio Major Performance After 2 Years

3. Leden 2022 - 20:25
Next month marks two years since AMD introduced the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64-core / 128-thread processor. All of our testing of the 3990X on Linux over the past two years has been with the System76 Thelio Major, which continues holding up well with that US-assembled workstation with hand-crafted enclosure from Colorado. With System76 having recently released Pop!_OS 21.10 as the latest update to their Ubuntu Linux derived operating system and upcoming two year anniversary of the 3990X, it made for an interesting time to see how the performance of the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X and Radeon RX 5700 XT within that workstation has evolved.

Intel IGC 1.0.9933 Brings DG2/Alchemist & Xe HPC Improvements, More SPIR-V Plumbing

3. Leden 2022 - 19:49
Starting off a new year Intel's open-source compute stack developers have published the Intel Graphics Compiler (IGC) 1.0.9933 release that is used for their OpenCL / oneAPI Level Zero support on Linux and also used by their graphics driver on Windows...

Arch Linux's Archinstall Preparing Better Btrfs Support, More Fixes

3. Leden 2022 - 14:41
One of the great successes for Arch Linux in 2021 was "archinstall" debuting on the Arch Linux install media as a convenient and quick installer for this enthusiast-minded Linux distribution. This year that easy Arch Linux installer is getting into even better shape...

New Linux Patch Series Proposes Gating "Legacy PCI" Support

3. Leden 2022 - 13:06
A patch series sent out by IBM would introduce a new "LEGACY_PCI" Kconfig option for gating legacy PCI device support, including PCI devices attached to PCI-to-PCIe bridges and PCIe devices using legacy I/O spaces...

KDE Gets A 2022 Roadmap - Plasma Wayland To Shine, Updated Breeze Icons

3. Leden 2022 - 11:25
Well known KDE developer Nate Graham who publishes the weekly KDE desktop development summaries has published the 2022 road-map for what he sees as the major undertakings this year by this community-driven, open-source desktop environment...

Steam On Linux Ended 2021 At 1.11% Marketshare

3. Leden 2022 - 10:38
After a reporting snafu over the weekend, Valve has now made available the December 2021 results of the Steam Survey. This metric has been quite interesting to monitor with the increases since Steam Play (Proton) was first introduced but particularly in recent months since the announcement of the Linux-powered Steam Deck causing more excitement around Linux gaming and more people trying out the current state of Steam Play...

MDADM 4.2 Released For Managing Linux Software RAID

3. Leden 2022 - 9:44
The mdadm utility for managing Linux software RAID arrays is out with a new release -- its first in more than three years...

Massive ~2.3k Patch Series Would Improve Linux Build Times 50~80% & Fix "Dependency Hell"

3. Leden 2022 - 0:25
Longtime Linux kernel developer Ingo Molnar posted a massive set of patches today: 2,297 patches that have been in the works since late 2020 and completely rework the Linux kernel's header file hierarchy. The goal of this "fast kernel headers" effort is to speed up kernel build times and also clean=up a lot of things in the proces to address the "dependency hell"...

Linux 5.16-rc8 Is A Tiny Holiday Release

2. Leden 2022 - 23:50
Linux 5.16-rc8 is out today as a tiny holiday test candidate. If it weren't for the holidays, Linus Torvalds would have released the Linux 5.16 kernel today as stable but instead opted for an extra week of post-holiday testing...

Wine 7.0-rc4 Released With Another 38 Fixes

2. Leden 2022 - 23:36
It's coming a few days late due to New Year's, but Wine 7.0-rc4 is out as the latest weekly release candidate for this forthcoming yearly stable release. Wine 7.0 is the imminent feature update for this open-source software allowing Windows games/applications to run on Linux, macOS, and other platforms...

Mesa 22.0 Intel OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers Enable Adaptive-Sync/VRR

2. Leden 2022 - 20:40
In the mainline Linux kernel for a year now has been the Intel variable rate refresh (VRR) support for Gen12 / Xe Graphics and then with the upcoming Linux 5.17 cycle that's being enabled for Gen11 Ice Lake graphics too. With the Intel i915 DRM kernel driver support for VRR/Adaptive-Sync being mature, the Intel Mesa OpenGL and Vulkan driver components are finally enabling the support by default...

Canonical Hiring For An Ubuntu Linux Desktop Gaming Product Manager

2. Leden 2022 - 15:19
Canonical is looking to capitalize on the renewed interest around Linux gaming and the raised prospects thanks to Valve's Steam Play allowing a growing number of compelling Windows games becoming playable on Linux...