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GDB 9.1 Released With Multi-Threaded Symbol Loading, Kills Off Solaris 10

8. Únor 2020 - 17:38
Out this weekend is GDB 9.1 as the newest feature update to the GNU Debugger...

Debian 10.3 Released With Many Security + Bug Fixes

8. Únor 2020 - 17:17
Out this weekend are the stable updates Debian 10.3 and Debian 9.12...

CPUs From 2004 Against AMD's New 64-Core Threadripper 3990X + Tests Against FX-9590

8. Únor 2020 - 14:10
With having the initial AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Linux benchmarks out of the way, I did some fun Friday night benchmarking with this 64-core HEDT CPU... Seeing how the 3990X performance compares to some CPUs used when starting out Phoronix back in 2004 as well as also for fun seeing how the Threadripper 3990X compares to the notorious AMD FX-9590...

Rav1e 0.3 Release Brings Speed Optimizations, Other AV1 Encode Enhancements

8. Únor 2020 - 12:24
As we've been expected, Rav1e 0.3 is now out the door for this open-source Rust-based AV1 encoder that now runs faster at higher encode levels...

Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5 Released With Kata Containers Support, Other Features

8. Únor 2020 - 10:16
Intel's open-source group continues working on Cloud-Hypervisor as a Rustlang-written hypervisor for modern Linux VMs and building off the shoulders of Google's CrosVM, Firecracker, and Rust-VMM. Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5 was released on Friday as a big update to this cloud-centered hypervisor...

Zink In Mesa For OpenGL Over Vulkan Should Be Back To Supporting OpenGL 3.0 Soon

8. Únor 2020 - 8:10
Zink, the project going on for almost two years for implementing OpenGL over Vulkan, might soon be exposing OpenGL 3.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0 within mainline Mesa...

LLVM Finally Buttoning Up Its Stack-Clash Protection For x86 CPUs

8. Únor 2020 - 6:09
It's been nearly three years since the Stack Clash vulnerability was really tossed into the spotlight while such vulnerabilities have existed longer. Now finally in 2020, the LLVM compiler stack -- and years after GCC's mitigation -- is preparing its stack clash protection...

Proton 5.0-1 Released As Valve's Basis For Steam Play Now On Wine 5.0, Latest DXVK

8. Únor 2020 - 0:16
Valve has just released Proton 5.0-1 as a big upgrade to their Wine downstream that powers Steam Play for running Windows games on Linux under Steam...

Linux 5.6 NFSD Adds Server-To-Server Copy Support

7. Únor 2020 - 23:10
Following the Linux 5.5 NFS client adding support for server-to-server cross-device offloaded copies, the NFSD side for Linux 5.6 is now enabling its portion of handling server-side copies...

Mesa 20.0-RC2 Brings Many Intel Vulkan + OpenGL Gallium3D Driver Fixes

7. Únor 2020 - 22:40
Following last week's Mesa 20.0 feature freeze and code branching with the first release candidate, the second release candidate is out today for this quarterly Mesa3D update...

GNOME 3.36 Is Looking To Be Another Nice Evolutionary Upgrade To The GNOME Desktop

7. Únor 2020 - 19:56
GNOME 3.36 is due for release in just over one month's time and is shaping up to be another great release building upon all of the polishing and other evolutionary improvements we've seen particularly over the past two or three years...

AMDGPU Linux Driver Preparing To Better Support Modern HDR/OLED Displays

7. Únor 2020 - 18:06
It looks like with the Linux 5.7 kernel cycle this spring there should be proper backlight support when using this AMD Radeon kernel graphics driver with modern HDR/OLED displays...

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Offers Incredible Linux Performance

7. Únor 2020 - 15:00
If you are looking for the absolute best single-socket workstation performance for Linux, there has already been the Threadripper 3970X that easily outperforms the likes of the Core i9 10980XE as Intel's top-end HEDT product, but now the Threadripper 3990X is shipping. The Threadripper 3990X is AMD's first 64-core / 128-thread desktop/workstation processor and will love your multi-threaded workloads from code compilation to content creation. As shown in our benchmarks, this single CPU is indeed faster than $20k worth of Intel Xeon Platinum CPUs.

System76 Launches Impressive Line Of Thelio Major Linux Workstations Powered By AMD Ryzen Threadripper - Including The 3990X

7. Únor 2020 - 15:00
One of the complaints we here most frequently about the Linux-focused PC vendors is that they tend to most often offer just Intel-based hardware. Well, for those wanting a pre-built Linux workstation powered by AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X / 3970X / 3990X, System76 has launched a new line of their Thelio Major desktops powered by these HEDT CPUs.

Linux 5.6 Flipping On GPU Reset Support For AMD Renoir + Radeon Navi

7. Únor 2020 - 12:00
Last week the main set of kernel graphics driver improvements were merged while today is an interesting secondary batch of changes for the in-development Linux 5.6 kernel...

New Raspbian Release Brings File Manager Improvements, Mesa 19.3.2 For OpenGL ES 3.1

7. Únor 2020 - 11:47
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced their first feature update to their Debian-based Raspbian operating system of 2020...

DXVK 1.5.4 Brings Various Game Fixes For Direct3D Over Vulkan

7. Únor 2020 - 11:14
Philip Rebohle has released another update to DXVK 1.5, in time for any weekend gamers wanting to enjoy the latest Direct3D-over-Vulkan experience...

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Aims To Enhance The Certified OEM Experience From Its Installer

7. Únor 2020 - 7:30
Booting the generic Ubuntu 20.04 LTS install media on a "Certified OEM" Ubuntu device could yield a different experience compared to running Ubuntu on a system not certified by Canonical...

Learn More About Systemd-Homed For How Linux Home Directories Are Being Reinvented

7. Únor 2020 - 6:09
Coming with the imminent systemd 245 is systemd-homed that is making fundamental changes to Linux home directories. Systemd lead developer Lennart Poettering presented at FOSDEM 2020 last weekend on systemd-homed and that video recording is now up...

The GNU + FSF Relationship Remains Complicated But They Are Drafting A Framework

7. Únor 2020 - 1:17
Following last year's resignation of Richard Stallman from the Free Software Foundation under public pressure but remaining as head of the GNU Project for these tight-knit organizations, the two organizations have needed to figure out how to cooperate moving forward...