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ModernFW Was An Exciting Announcement This Week That Went Largely Unnoticed

17. Květen 2019 - 20:12
Of Intel's keynote announcements this week kicking off their first public Open-Source Technology Summit, surprisingly not attracting too much attention this week was news of their ModernFW initiative to create a new modular and open-source firmware solution to replace aging legacy code on motherboards...

Gaming Performance Only Faintly Touched By MDS / Zombie Load Mitigations

17. Květen 2019 - 18:31
Yesterday I published some initial MDS/Zombieload mitigation impact benchmarks while coming out still later today is much more data looking at the CPU/system performance impact... But is the gaming performance impaired by this latest set of CPU side-channel vulnerabilities?..

Mozilla, Cloudflare & Others Propose BinaryAST For Faster JavaScript Load Times

17. Květen 2019 - 14:55
Developers at Mozilla, Facebook, Cloudflare, and elsewhere have been drafting "BinaryAST" as a new over-the-wire format for JavaScript...

Developers Start Debating Whether To Block Password-Based Root SSH Logins For Fedora 31

17. Květen 2019 - 14:15
While upstream SSH has disabled password logins for the root user as their default configuration the past number of years and that has carried over into being the out-of-the-box behavior for many operating systems, Fedora continues allowing password-based SSH root log-ins by default. But with the next Fedora release they are thinking about changing that default behavior...

GCC 10 Lands Support For Emulating MMX With SSE Instructions

17. Květen 2019 - 13:09
The GCC 10 code compiler merged support to begin emulating MMX intrinsics using SSE...

Intel Agilex Now Supported By Linux 5.2 Kernel; ARM Boards Like Jetson Nano Also Added

17. Květen 2019 - 12:53
Olof Johansson sent in the SoC updates on Thursday for the Linux 5.2 kernel merge window that is nearing the end. There is new SoC support for this new kernel and a number of new boards also being supported...

A Push Towards Firmware-less Video Decoding By Linux Kernel Media Drivers

17. Květen 2019 - 12:40
Veteran Linux multimedia developer Paul Kocialkowski summed up the current situation this week of many hardware platforms having a general purpose micro-controller running a non-free firmware blob for coordinating the video decoding work. It makes it easier to program with this firmware-based approach but makes the driver less free and now with recent Linux infrastructure improvements could better support dealing with the video hardware itself...

DRM Fixes Head Into Linux 5.2 While Letting Nouveau Turing TU117 Support Slip In

17. Květen 2019 - 5:59
Following last week's big feature update to the DRM graphics drivers, an initial batch of "fixes" has now been merged to the early Linux 5.2 development code for these Direct Rendering Manager drivers...

DragonFlyBSD Flips On Compiler-Based Retpoline Support For Its Kernel, Also Adds SMAP/SMEP

17. Květen 2019 - 5:24
In addition to DragonFlyBSD seeing MDS "Zombie Load" mitigations this week, the DragonFlyBSD kernel now has better Spectre Variant Two coverage with making use of the GCC compiler support...

Intel Has Been Recently Ramping Up Their FreeBSD Support

17. Květen 2019 - 2:26
While Intel's open-source Linux support is largely stellar and was a big focus of this week's Open-Source Technology Summit in Washington, their FreeBSD support isn't nearly as polished but over the past roughly year and a half they've been establishing a FreeBSD team and working towards feature parity and supporting critical functionality for their customers...

The FSF Has Certified A USB To Parallel Printer Cable For Respecting Your Freedom

16. Květen 2019 - 23:00
The Free Software Foundation has certified a new batch of hardware for being libre and meeting their "Respect Your Freedom" requirements. This newly-approved hardware for free software enthusiasts includes certifying an USB-to-parallel printer cable in 2019...

KDE Plasma 5.16 Beta Released With Many Features

16. Květen 2019 - 21:38
The KDE community today rolled out the beta of the Plasma 5.16 desktop upgrade and it's huge...

MDS / Zombieload Mitigations Come At A Real Cost, Even If Keeping Hyper Threading On

16. Květen 2019 - 20:37
The default Linux mitigations for the new Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities (also known as "Zombieload") do incur measurable performance cost out-of-the-box in various workloads. That's even with the default behavior where SMT / Hyper Threading remains on while it becomes increasingly apparent if wanting to fully protect your system HT must be off...

Clear Linux Is Beginning To Make Strides In The Industry From Alibaba To MontaVista

16. Květen 2019 - 19:38
Of Intel's many open-source projects, taking a central role at this year's Intel Open-Source Technology Summit was Clear Linux. Most Intel open-source efforts mentioned during the event point back to Clear Linux in some capacity and at OSTS2019 we finally heard some of the companies that are beginning to make use of Clear Linux...

Intel's Coffeelake OpenCL Performance Between Beignet & Their Modern NEO Driver

16. Květen 2019 - 15:22
A few days back I posted a number of Intel OpenCL benchmarks between their former Beignet and new "NEO" Linux compute stacks that was done using a Skylake NUC for the Iris Pro 580 graphics. For those wondering how these two open-source Intel OpenCL implementations compare for the more common UHD Graphics 630, here are some benchmarks using an Intel Core i9 8700K "Coffeelake" processor...

Over 100 Linux Gaming/Graphics Tests Looking At The Radeon RX 570 vs. GTX 1650

16. Květen 2019 - 10:35
Complementing the recent comparison of Radeon RX 560/570/580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060/1650/1660 Linux Gaming Performance benchmarks, in this article are 102 Linux graphics tests (mostly games) looking more closely at the performance of the sub-$150 GeForce GTX 1650 and Radeon RX 570 graphics cards...

Librem 5 Developer Kit's Mainline Kernel Support Hits 12th Patch Revision

16. Květen 2019 - 9:10
While it's just the DeviceTree additions needed to the kernel for enabling the Librem 5 Developer Kit to boot with the mainline kernel, the DT files are up to their twelfth patch revision...

Hands On With The Atomic Pi As A $35 Intel Atom Alternative To The Raspberry Pi

16. Květen 2019 - 6:36
After a successful Kickstarter campaign and honoring those obligations, the Atomic Pi recently hit retail channels (albeit sold out currently) as a $35 Intel Atom powered single board computer to compete with the likes of the Raspberry Pi...

MuQSS Patches Updated For The Linux 5.1 Kernel

16. Květen 2019 - 5:42
Con Kolivas has posted his latest patches that re-base his MuQSS scheduler to the new Linux 5.1 kernel...

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Compiler Tuning/Optimization Benchmarks With GCC 9, PGO

16. Květen 2019 - 5:01
For those interested in compiler optimization/tuning with AMD Ryzen Threadripper hardware, here are some follow-up benchmarks to Tuesday's GCC 9 vs. Clang 8 C/C++ Compiler Performance On AMD Threadripper, Intel Core i9...