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Some Older AMD Systems Can Boot Faster On Linux 5.17+

18. Leden 2022 - 11:19
A change merged overnight with the libata subsystem updates for Linux 5.17 means that some older AMD hardware will be able to boot quicker by avoiding an otherwise mandated sleep period...

Folio Improvements For Linux 5.17, Large Folio Patches Posted

18. Leden 2022 - 10:58
Back in November memory folios were merged into Linux 5.16 as a fundamental change to the memory management code. Now for Linux 5.17 there are improvements for folios merged and then out likely for Linux 5.18 is introducing the notion of large folios...

GNOME 42 Alpha Released With A Lot Of GTK4 Porting, Other Improvements

18. Leden 2022 - 1:44
The alpha release of GNOME 42 is now available for testing...

GCC 12 Moves On To Stage 4 Development With Many New Compiler Features

18. Leden 2022 - 1:00
GCC 12 as this year's annual GNU Compiler Collection feature release has moved on to "stage four" development with likely releasing GCC 12.1 in April...

Platform Firmware Runtime Update & Telemetry Feature Submitted For Linux 5.17

17. Leden 2022 - 20:17
Last September I was the first to call attention to Intel working on a new feature to allow updating some system firmware components without needing to reboot such as for mission critical servers that try to avoid downtime at all costs. That Intel "Seamless Update" feature also known as Platform Firmware Runtime Update and Telemetry (PFRUT) has now been sent in for mainlining with Linux 5.17...

FFmpeg 5.0 Aims To Be An LTS Release

17. Leden 2022 - 19:54
FFmpeg 5.0 has now been formally christened as for what is aiming to be a Long-Term Support (LTS) release for this widely-used, cross-platform and open-source multimedia library...

Intel's Former Vulkan Driver Lead Dev Lands Great Role For Improving Linux Graphics

17. Leden 2022 - 19:07
Jason Ekstrand who was the lead developer of Intel's open-source "ANV" Vulkan Linux driver left Intel in December and has now revealed details about his new role...

Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub On Linux

17. Leden 2022 - 14:00
For those considering the Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub for connecting to your Lenovo laptop for enjoying USB-C power charging, HDMI output, and additional USB ports, it does work out on Linux. While there have been some users running into seemingly firmware-related issues, at least with my testing over the past month this $50~60 (USD) USB-C hub has been working out well under Linux.

Linux 5.17 Picks Up A Real-Time Analysis Tool

17. Leden 2022 - 13:04
A new tool added to the kernel source tree with Linux 5.17 is rtla to serve for real-time Linux performance and tracing analysis...

Some Tablets/Convertibles With Linux 5.17 Will Now Have Working Pen Support

17. Leden 2022 - 12:00
In addition to Linux 5.17 introducing Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) support for that new industry standard for styluses/pens that can work cross-device, the input subsystem updates for this kernel also add active pen support for a few more tablets...

Rust For Linux Kernel Patches Revised With Upgraded Rust Toolchain, Build Improvements

17. Leden 2022 - 11:18
Miguel Ojeda has published his third iteration of the patches implementing the basic infrastructure for supporting the Rust programming language within the Linux kernel...

GhostBSD 22.01.12 Released With Automatic Detection For Old AMD GPUs

17. Leden 2022 - 11:06
For those wanting a desktop-friendly, easy-to-use BSD operating system to try out the GhostBSD project is one of the better bets in modern times. GhostBSD 22.01.12 is now available with a variety of fixes and improvements for this desktop-minded BSD...

Developer Steps Up Wanting To Maintain Linux's FBDEV Subsystem

17. Leden 2022 - 1:22
The Linux kernel's frame-buffer device "FBDEV" subsystem has thankfully been on the decline over the past number of years thanks to the success of the more useful DRM/KMS drivers and having FBDEV compatibility emulation support. While not actively maintained, the FBDEV subsystem and some drivers remain within the Linux kernel and are used with some interest primarily in some legacy/embedded environments. The subsystem was orphaned while now a Linux kernel developer has stepped up to serve as its maintainer...

Mumble 1.4 Released For Open-Source Voice Chat

17. Leden 2022 - 0:42
It's been over two years since Mumble 1.3 was released for this open-source VoIP / voice chat program that is popular with gamers and open-source enthusiasts while today it's been succeeded by Mumble 1.4...

GCC 12 Ready To Help Fend Off Trojan Source Attacks

16. Leden 2022 - 14:00
Disclosed a few months back were "Trojan Source" attacks against compilers where specially crafted code could be rogue but not appear so due to exploiting Unicode issues. Unicode control characters could be used to reorder tokens in source code that could alter the behavior when compiled. With the upcoming GCC 12 compiler release there is a new warning to help point out possible Trojan Source attacks...

New Xilinx Drivers, GNSS Reciver USB Driver & Habana Labs Updates Land In Linux 5.17

16. Leden 2022 - 13:00
Sent in to the Linux kernel on Friday were the "char/misc" updates as the smorgasbord of kernel changes not fitting formally within other areas of the kernel. The char/misc changes range from AI accelerator driver updates to new Xilinx code to other random changes littered throughout...

GravityMark 1.44 Released With Ray-Tracing Support

16. Leden 2022 - 11:57
Those wanting to enjoy some impressive Vulkan ray-traced visuals on Linux (and macOS or Windows) now have GravityMark to add to the list of Linux-native ray-traced software for testing...

Page Table Check Feature Merged For Linux 5.17 To Help Fight Memory Corruption

16. Leden 2022 - 11:34
Merged into Linux 5.17 this weekend is the Google-developed Page Table Check feature that can help combat some forms of memory corruption...

JACK2 1.9.20 Released With Official FreeBSD Support

16. Leden 2022 - 11:04
A new version of JACK2 is available this weekend, the latest version of this cross-platform, professional sound server...

Cemu Emulator Plans For 2022 With Going Open-Source, Aiming For Linux Support

15. Leden 2022 - 20:09
Cemu as one of the leading Nintendo Wii U video game emulators is planning to go open-source this year and is also working on Linux support and related cross-platform advancements...