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AMDVLK Driver Updated With Environment Variable To Enable Experimental Extensions

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 17:19
AMD normally just does one code drop per week to their open-source "AMDVLK" Linux Vulkan driver code-base but now today marks the second time this week being greeted by new code. This latest release, v-2019.Q1.5, should provide for some fun weekend testing by Linux gamers preferring this driver over Mesa's RADV...

Ubuntu vs. Debian vs. openSUSE On The POWER9 Raptor Talos II

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 16:17
While we frequently compare the performance of many x86_64 Linux distributions, we haven't done one under IBM POWER9 since getting our hands on the Raptor Computing Systems' Talos II back in November. It's been very interesting to benchmark this libre hardware that's high performance with having 44 cores / 176 threads at 3.80GHz. But how much more performance can be tapped by using other Linux distributions? Here's a look with some of the current POWER9 Linux distribution options.

Gallium3D's Mesa State Tracker Sees Shaders Ported From TGSI To NIR For Capable Drivers

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 14:57
Kenneth Graunke of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center team is the developer who has been leading the charge for the past year on developing the Intel "Iris" Gallium3D driver that eventually should succeed their "i965" classic Mesa driver for Broadwell hardware and newer. Today he issued a pull request for some improvements to Gallium3D's Mesa state tracker itself...

Qt 5.12.1 LTS Released With Around 300 Bug Fixes

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 12:30
Qt 5.12 was released in early December as the latest Long-Term Support release for the Qt5 tool-kit. Out today is the first point release that contains hundreds of fixes...

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+

LinuxEXPRES - 1. Únor 2019 - 11:57

Tři roky po vydání Compute Module 3 byl vydán vylepšený model 3+. Běžné „domácí“ uživatele příliš neosloví. Jde o počítač rodiny Raspberry Pi ve tvaru paměťového modul DDR2-SODIMM, který je určen k průmyslovému využití. Nemá tedy na sobě žádné rozšiřující sloty a namísto paměťové karty na něm najdete eMMC flash paměť. 

A Second Round Of AMDGPU Feature Updates Ready For Linux 5.1

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 11:20
Last week AMD submitted their initial batch of feature changes slated for Linux 5.1 with their AMDGPU DRM graphics driver. Today that's been complemented by a second pull request of new material to come with this next version of the Linux kernel...

Přehled: které služby Google v průběhu posledních let zrušil? - 1. Únor 2019 - 11:11
[čtení do minuty] Google provozuje hromadu zajímavých služeb, mnoho jich ale v průběhu let také zrušil. Podívejte se s námi do historie, které to byly. Zavzpomínejte na služby, které jste možná znali a používali.

Qt Design Studio 1.1 Beta Released - Now Includes Linux Packages

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 11:04
Qt Design Studio, the solution for rapidly prototyping and developing complex user-interfaces with the Qt5 tool-kit while being a bridge between designers and developers, has reached its public beta release for the inbound Qt Design Studio 1.1...

Linux DRM Gets CRTC Background Color Property For Memory Bandwidth Savings

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 10:09
The Linux kernel's Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) code getting a "CRTC background color" property value may not seem exciting, but it can mean video memory bandwidth savings and thus better performance or power savings...

OpenVPN 3 Linux Client Moving Closer To Release As A Big Update

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 7:33
While many are looking forward to the day when WireGuard support is mainlined within the Linux kernel and declared as stable and widely supported as a next-gen secure VPN tunnel, for those making use of OpenVPN currently, the OpenVPN 3 Linux client has been taking shape as a big step forward on the OpenVPN front...

Linux 5.0, RTX 2060, ZoL & Other Topics Dominating Discussions For January

Phoronix - 1. Únor 2019 - 6:00
January was certainly an exciting month with the Linux 5.0 kernel taking shape, the GeForce RTX 2060 launch and other new hardware, approaching the exciting open-source Radeon VII launch, and other Linux/open-source events to help warm up those otherwise experiencing a frigid winter...

Firefox 65: podpora obrázků WebP, video AV1 a připravované novinky - 1. Únor 2019 - 0:00
[3 minuty čtení] Nová verze Firefoxu s pořadovým číslem 65 přináší kromě obvyklé várky inovací pro uživatele i webové vývojáře také konečně posuv v oblasti podpory nových formátů obrazu a videa. Co chystá Mozilla dál? Nelze samozřejmě tvrdit, že toto je nejdůležitější aspekt novinek „pětašedesátky“, nicméně dovolte mi pro tento moment obrátit pořadí novinek a začít právě multimédii. Firefox 65 konečně přináší podporu obrazového formátu WebP a vylepšuje podporu video formátu AV1.

Mesa 18.3.3 Released With Fixes For RadeonSI/RADV, OpenGL Driver Bugs

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 23:24
Mesa 18.3.3 was released today as the newest stable release for the current Mesa 18.3 series from Q4...

Glibc 2.29 Released With getcpu() On Linux, New Optimizations

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 21:41
Ending out January is the version 2.29 release of the GNU C Library (glibc)...

OPNsense 19.1 Released: BSD-Based Firewall / Networking OS

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 20:26
OPNsense, the FreeBSD-based firewall/router platform forked from m0n0wall, is out with its first release of 2019 and it also marks four years since the original OS release...

Purism Plans To Expand & Offer Ethical Subscription Services

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 19:41
If the folks at Purism weren't busy enough working on their Librem 5 Linux smartphone initiative and adjoining projects like creating a new software app store, they also are eyeing an entrance into offering "ethical" subscription services and ultimately expand into other areas...

Arm Komeda DRM Driver Aiming For Linux 5.1 Mainline

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 19:04
Arm Holdings has been developing their next-generation "Komeda" Direct Rendering Manager driver and they believe it's ready for mainline integration with the upcoming Linux 5.1 cycle...

Unity 2019.1 Beta Deprecates Linux x86, Offers Up Many Vulkan & Linux Improvements

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 15:33
Unity Tech has put out their first public beta of the upcoming Unity 2019.1 game engine update. There's some notable work on both the Linux and Vulkan fronts...

The Latest GNOME Shell/Mutter Performance Work & X11/Wayland Separation

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 15:11
GNOME 3.32 is shaping up to be a darn fine release especially with the performance improvements slated to be part of this six-month desktop environment update due out in March...

Linux Kernel Getting New Option So SSBD Isn't Over-Protective - Helping Performance

Phoronix - 31. Leden 2019 - 13:15
For the Linux kernel's Speculative Store Bypass Disable (SSBD) handling for Spectre Variant 4 protection is support for processes opting into force disabling of speculation via a prctl() interface. Currently when speculation is disabled, that is carried through to new processes started via the execve() system call. But a new bit will allow clearing that state when a new program is started by a process otherwise relying upon PR_SPEC_DISABLE, in what will help the performance in such cases...
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