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Projekt C64: moderní úložiště SD2iEC - 14. Červen 2022 - 23:00
V dnešní části se krátce podíváme na nový videopřevodník, a především na zařízení SD2iEC, tvořící moderní úložiště ke Commodoru 64, jak jej zprovoznit a ovládat.

Linux Patched For New Intel "MMIO Stale Data" Vulnerabilities

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 18:39
In addition to the Hertzbleed frequency scaling side-channel attack being made public today as part of "Patch Tuesday" and affecting both Intel and AMD CPUs, Intel is additionally disclosing a set of "MMIO Stale Data" vulnerabilities. The Linux kernel has already been patched for these new vulnerabilities affecting multiple generations of Intel CPUs from Rocket Lake back to Haswell X and Skylake...

Hertzbleed Disclosed As New Family Of Side-Channel Attacks Affecting Intel + AMD

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 18:12
Hertzbleed has been made public today as a new family of side-channel attacks making use of frequency side channels. Both Intel and AMD have issued security advisories as a result...

AMD HIP vs. NVIDIA CUDA vs. NVIDIA OptiX On Blender 3.2

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 14:00
Last week with the release of Blender 3.2 bringing AMD HIP support for Linux to provide for Radeon GPU acceleration, I posted some initial benchmarks of AMD Radeon RX 6000 series with HIP against NVIDIA RTX with OptiX. There was interest by some Phoronix readers in also seeing NVIDIA CUDA results even though OptiX is in good shape with RTX GPUs, so with that here are results of NVIDIA CUDA vs. NVIDIA OptiX vs. AMD HIP with Blender 3.2 on Ubuntu Linux.

KDE Plasma 5.25 Released With Wayland Improvements, Improved Gestures

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 13:30
KDE Plasma 5.25 is now shipping as the latest half-year major update to the KDE desktop...

GitLab Now The Main Development Platform For Wine

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 12:30
Earlier this year Wine began experimenting with GitLab to improve their development workflow for this open-source project that allows Windows games and applications to run on Linux. It's now been decided that the GitLab workflow is useful and will now be their path forward...

Performance-Boosting MGLRU Patches Updated Against Current Linux 5.19 State

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 11:00
While there are many exciting new features coming with Linux 5.19, one of the features that wasn't submitted this cycle unfortunately was the Multi-Gen "MGLRU" code led by Google. As covered in several prior Phoronix articles, the MGLRU support has exciting performance implications for making the Linux kernel's page reclaim code far more efficient...

Fedora 37 Looks To Boost Its Cloud Posture As An Official Edition

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 10:38
Approved by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee this week is returning Fedora Cloud base to be listed as an official Fedora edition...

RHEL9-Derived Oracle Linux 9 Developer Preview Released With 5.15-Based UEK Kernel

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 10:16
Oracle on Monday released the Oracle Linux 9 Developer Preview as their take on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 that reached general availability last month...

FreeCAD 0.20 Released For Open-Source CAD Software

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 10:00
For those interested in open-source CAD solutions, FreeCAD 0.20 is out today as the newest version of this general purpose 3D computer-aided design modeler that has been in development now for nearly twenty years...

AMD Linux CPU Temperature Driver Sees Latest Patches For Zen 4 & Likely Mendocino

Phoronix - 14. Červen 2022 - 0:13
One of my personal gripes with AMD's Zen CPU support on Linux has been the lack of timely support for CPU temperature monitoring with their "k10temp" driver. Even though usually just new IDs are often needed and sometimes needing to adjust offsets or other minor changes, it has traditionally been done post-launch and sometimes left up to patches from the open-source community. Thankfully that has been changing and with Zen 4 it looks like that support will be ready for launch-day with the mainline Linux kernel...

K-9 Mail se mění na Thunderbird pro Android, vývojáři odhalili plány - 13. Červen 2022 - 23:00
Thunderbird se chystá na mobilní telefony, ale úplně jinak, než jsme si mysleli. Místo vývoje nové mobilní verze se ji stane populární K-9 Mail. Ten se promění v Thunderbird pro Android.

Knihovna Bokeh: zobrazení většího množství grafů, interaktivní prvky na stránce s grafy - 13. Červen 2022 - 23:00
Jedním z rozdílů mezi knihovnami Matplotlib a Bokeh je fakt, že Bokeh umožňuje na plochu stránky s grafem vložit i interaktivní ovládací prvky. Uživatel tak může měnit styl zobrazení grafu či určitých dat.

Proposed SIG Could Help Fedora Linux Become A Leader For Heterogeneous Computing

Phoronix - 13. Červen 2022 - 19:00
To organize efforts around improving Fedora Linux for heterogeneous computing, a new special interest group "SIG" is looking to be established to help ensure the success of Fedora in the world of XPUs, the growing and very diverse software ecosystem around accelerators, etc...

LUMI Inaugurated As Europe's Most Powerful Supercomputer - Powered By AMD CPUs/GPUs

Phoronix - 13. Červen 2022 - 18:22
While not record-shattering like the 1.1 Exaflops Frontier supercomputer at ORNL that took the Top500 spot this year from Fugaku, LUMI was inaugurated today with the claim of Europe's most powerful supercomputer...

AMD Adds Radeon Memory Visualizer Support For Linux

Phoronix - 13. Červen 2022 - 17:30
AMD's Radeon Memory Visualizer "RMV" tool from their GPUOpen initiative has allowed better understanding video memory usage with Windows across multiple APIs. In citing the "rising popularity of gaming on the Linux OS", AMD has now enabled Linux support for this tool... GitLab Service Restored

Phoronix - 13. Červen 2022 - 15:15
After battling Ceph storage issues and related problems for the past day after two solid-state drives failed, the GitLab that is used for the centralized, coordination of the open-source Linux graphics driver development and other open-source software is back online...

With A Few Lines Of Code, AMD's Nice Performance Optimization For Linux 5.20

Phoronix - 13. Červen 2022 - 11:13
A patch from AMD to further tune the Linux kernel's scheduler around NUMA imbalancing has been queued up and slated for introduction in Linux 5.20. For some workloads this scheduler tuning can help out significantly for AMD Zen-based systems and even on Intel Xeon servers has the possibility of helping too...

Fotogalerie: neděle na konferenci InstallFest 2022 - 13. Červen 2022 - 11:00
O víkendu 11. a 12. června proběhl další ročník tradiční pražské linuxové konference InstallFest. Podívejte do přednáškových sálů, na workshopy a na stánky a třeba také na techniku z městských autobusů.

HP Dev One - A Great, Well Engineered AMD Ryzen Linux Laptop

Phoronix - 13. Červen 2022 - 11:00
Earlier this month marked the launch of the HP Dev One as an interesting collaboration between HP and System76 for a laptop optimized for Linux developers and running System76's Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS operating system. It's a very interesting laptop and well thought out for Linux use with an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U SoC and integrated Radeon graphics for satisfying the preferences of many Linux developers preferring a fully open-source driver stack. Thanks to the large scale manufacturing of HP, it's also a competitively-priced Linux laptop compared to many of the Linux laptops from smaller vendors that are based on Clevo or other white box laptop designs.
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