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WirePlumber 0.4.6 Released For Managing PipeWire

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 19:11
Helping make PipeWire suitable for the Linux desktop so quickly has been WirePlumber as a more featureful alternative to PipeWire's default session manager. Out today is WirePlumber 0.4.6 as the latest step forward on that front...

Linux 5.16's Great Features Include FUTEX2, Folios, AMD Rembrandt, Intel AMX & Much More

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 15:02
After a quiet holiday period the Linux 5.16 kernel is set to be introduced as stable this Sunday. Here is a look at the sixteen most exciting features to find with Linux 5.16...

Intel's Linux OS Shows The Importance Of Software Optimizations, Further Optimized Xeon "Ice Lake" In 2021

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 14:00
As part of the various end-of-year Linux comparisons that I've made a habit of over the past 17 years, with the EOY 2021 benchmarking I was rather curious to see how Intel's Clear Linux distribution has evolved Xeon Scalable "Ice Lake" performance since that platform launched in Q2'2021. It turns out there have been some terrific optimizations squeezed out of that latest-generation Xeon Scalable platform on Intel's Clear Linux. In this article is a look at the Ubuntu and Clear Linux performance on the flagship Xeon Platinum 8380 2P reference server back around the time Ice Lake launched and then again using the latest software packages that closed out 2021.

Oracle Working On Multi-Threaded VFIO Page Pinning For ~10x Faster QEMU Initialization

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 11:30
For those assigning VFIO devices to guest virtual machines, the initialization/start-up process may soon be much faster with a set of patches volleyed by Oracle...

Intel AMX Support For KVM Use May Be Ready For Mainline

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 11:02
In preparation for Xeon Scalable "Sapphire Rapids" processors, Linux 5.16 adds support for Advanced Matrix Extensions. But that AMX bring-up is more invasive than when introducing AVX as with AMX the feature needs to be "requested" for use by user-space, among other changes. As such extra handling also needed to be introduced for the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) that hadn't made it for v5.16 but now it looks like the AMX KVM support may be ready for mainline...

Fedora 36 Looking To Move Users Away From Legacy "ifcfg" Network Scripts

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 10:46
Longtime Linux users will likely recall when it was commonplace to modify /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* files for managing your network connections. Fortunately, that's largely a thing of the past and Fedora 36 is looking to remove support for those legacy network configuration files from new Fedora installs...

EXT4 Finally Picking Up Support For The Common Get/Set Label Ioctls

Phoronix - 6. Leden 2022 - 6:00
It looks like EXT4 with Linux 5.17 will finally be supporting the FS_IOC_GETFSLABEL and FS_IOC_SETFSLABEL ioctls that several other prominent file-systems have been supporting the past few years...

AMD Prepares Linux Fix For Some Laptops Not Resuming From s2idle Suspend

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 22:55
Recently there have been reports of some AMD Ryzen powered notebooks being unable to correctly suspend from resume in s2idle mode. It appears the issue ultimately stems from a firmware setting issue and a set of Linux patches were sent out today to address the condition...

GNOME 42 Lands DMA-BUF Feedback Support For Better Multi-GPU, Proper Direct Scanout

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 21:00
Mutter landed a prominent addition today for GNOME 42: the Wayland compositor now supports the recently introduced DMA-BUF feedback extension...

It's 2022 But AMD's Open-Source OpenGL Driver Isn't Done Being Optimized

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 20:11
After the many years now that AMD's RadeonSI Gallium3D driver has been seeing relentless optimizations for GCN and now RDNA GPUs paired with the fact more Linux games targeting Vulkan (or going through Direct3D to Vulkan), one might think in 2022 that the OpenGL driver optimization efforts would let up... But that doesn't appear to be the case with well known AMD RadeonSI developer Marek Olšák pursuing yet more optimizations...

PipeWire 0.3.43 Released With Many Fixes

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 15:00
2022 will hopefully be the year that PipeWire becomes commonplace on desktop Linux distributions for managing both audio/video streams. New PipeWire releases come quick in working to address remaining gaps in this Red Hat led solution and ensuring it can fulfill the use-cases previously handled by the likes of PulseAudio and JACK...

AMD P-State Driver To Premiere In Linux 5.17 With Aim To Deliver Better Power Efficiency

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 12:10
The AMD P-State driver that has been available in patch form since September and stems from AMD's collaborations with Valve around the Steam Deck will be introduced to mainline with the upcoming Linux 5.17 kernel...

LatencyFleX Is An Open-Source, Vendor-Agnostic Alternative To NVIDIA Reflex

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 11:48
NVIDIA Reflex is an SDK for game developers for measuring and reducing rendering latency. But now there is an alternative, open-source implementation of those APIs that can work across drivers/vendors while still helping to reduce rendering latency: meet LatencyFleX...

Linux's CleanCache Set To Be Cleaned From The Kernel After Being Hyped Up A Decade Ago

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 11:34
Merged into the mainline Linux kernel a decade ago was the CleanCache patch series but now it's set to be retired...

Radeon Linux Driver Adds Option To Limit Number Of Enabled CUs

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 11:08
The RadeonSI Gallium3D and RADV Vulkan drivers within Mesa 22.0 have now added an override for controlling the number of enabled compute units (CUs) for the graphics processor...

Google Has Been Quietly Developing "GFR" To Debug Vulkan GPU Hangs/Crashes

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 9:00
Last year Google quietly open-sourced the Graphics Flight Recorder (GFR) for sorting out GPU hangs and crashes. GFR is implemented as an implicit Vulkan layer that works on both Windows and Linux...

Zink Working On Sparse Textures, Other Improvements To Kick Off 2022

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 6:00
After taking a roughly month-long holiday, Mike Blumenkrantz -- who has been leading the work on Mesa's Zink generic OpenGL-on-Vulkan implementation for Valve -- is back at the game...

Chrome 97 Released With WebTransport API

Phoronix - 5. Leden 2022 - 0:29
Google this afternoon promoted the Chrome 97 web browser to its stable series...

New Patches Help WineD3D Performance - Doubled FPS In Some Micro-Benchmarks

Phoronix - 4. Leden 2022 - 20:26
While most Linux gamers are making use of DXVK these days for efficiently mapping Direct3D 9/10/11 over Vulkan when running Wine/Proton for enjoying Windows games on Linux, Wine developers still maintain WineD3D for going from Direct3D to OpenGL for cross-platform compatibility. Out today is a new patch series improving the WineD3D performance...

Intel Announces New Alder Lake CPUs, Alchemist Graphics Update

Phoronix - 4. Leden 2022 - 19:10
Intel is using CES 2022 to announce the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors led by the H-series processors, new 35-Watt and 65-Watt 12th Gen Core desktop CPUs, an updated Intel Evo specification, and an update on their DG2/Alchemist discrete graphics efforts.
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